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Apple Spares er On!

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Doin some spares taday with my new Happy Hillbilly Rib Rub, see how this batch goes, last batch needed more apple, thin maybe this batch might have to much, time will tell I guess.

Q view an a taste test ta foller yall.
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good luck with them ribs tip-tell us more on that rub of yours? if u havn't already.
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good luck on those post some pics when u get a chance...happy smoke
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Good luck with your test Tip. Let us know how it turns out.
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Good Luck Trav. I look fwd to seeing the Q later on.
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An Update

Well, were bout 3 hours in, smells good, pulled some a the trimmins off fer a snack, taste is good but boy are they sweet! Thin I'm gonna cut the apple back just a bit next batch an cut the honey powder back alot.

Gettin ready fer foil.

I'll get some qview up latter in the smoke.

The basics a this rub are:

Apple powder
Honey powder
Dark Brown sugar
Garlic powder
Red Pepper
Coarse Black pepper

The amounts er still up in the air!
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Tip, were did you find apple and honey powder at? Don't think I've seen it in the store before.
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Here's a link yall, they gots more kinda powdered stuff they yall ever imagined there was!

They ain't fast in shippin, but seems ta be good stuff. Tried makin my own apple powder, just takes to much time I don't have, price of this ain't prohibative.
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here recently, i have made my own cayenne powder, onion powder, celery powder/salt, and apple powder...........gotta LUV them dehyrdrators, specially now i have TWO of em............

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Thanks for the link Tip.
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The Q-View!

OK, here be a shot a the ribs:

They look good, taste is nice, I'm gonna cut back on the apple powder an diffenetly cut back on the honey powder. Also, had to much brown sugar so gonna cut back on that.

A succesful smoke? Well, it was a learnin smoke, ribs were edible an next batch will be better so yeah, I'd say it was a success. Not my best ribs ever, but not bad either.

Made a fresh loaf a sourdough bread an a nice acorn squash ta go with it.
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They look good Tip. Were they too sweet for you? Just wondering with the apple and honey powder.
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Yup Mark, to sweet an the honey was a bit over powerin. To much brown sugar, some a the bark was tougher then I like. But, fer the first run on this batch a rub, wasn't bad, will adjust till I get it where I likes it! I thin the apple flavorin will be mighty fine when I hit the right balance.
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maybe cut back on the honey and the b sugar......but still do the apple.......just cutting back on them two should be enuff, my LORD, thats alot of sweet, with just them two...........

but they DO look good.......you trim them before hand, or afterwards?
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Looks great, Nice Job TravPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Thanks Tip. The apple and honey powder does sound like a good combo though.
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Steve, I trimmed em some before hand, had some snacks so the too sweet weren't no real suprise, gonna cut the apple a bit, the honey alot an my brown sugar some to. Might elimnate the brown sugar altogether in the end.
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too applely?.............man, i would be hard pressed to cut down on the apple.......
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Just a tad less apple steve, the honey was way to strong, gonna cut that quite abit. Wan't ta taste the ribs too!
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I think you're onto something with that rub so keep posting as you refine it. With all that sweet, it immediately made me think of getting some hot in there too. Another rub lol!

Walking Dude, I've got a dehydrator but never thought about doing a powder. Do you just dry them out and then use a grater to powder them up, or is there another step?
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