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First brisket temps are falling

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I started the brisket at seven this morning, it's a six pound flat. At eleven AM the temp was 156 now at twelve PM the temp is down to 152. The smoker temp is staying at 235, what going on with my smoke.
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Catman, no worries. You just hit the plateau. THere is lots of info on this site about that, and I don't want to botch the description, so do a search. Be patient and the temp will start going up again. Good luck. In my opinion, there ain't nothing better than smoked brisket.

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Th.anks for the link golfnot work
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You're right at the temp my 1st one stalled at. Almost 4 hrs, and went down a couple of deg.
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Keep on smoking. I had this happen to me this morning, I let it go and it finally hit the 200 mark for pulling, it's resting right now.

Good luck on yours.
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Temps starting to rise again, about a three hour stall. I will try posting some Qveiw. I also have a two pound pork rib end roast smoking for backup in case the brisket flops.
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Your brisket will be fine. Wish I was there for a bite!
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ill heat my drum up and take on the job !! lol

post some pics when ur done...sounds like ya got a nice buffet going there
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