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hey ya'll

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Just want so say thanks to Cowgirl for telling about this site. looking forward to learning alot here.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome Mann! Lots to learn here, and what ya can't find ask us about. SOMEONE has done that, burnt this, ruined them before..and will help you avoid it heh! Enjoy your time here.
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Welcome Mannawray. You will learn allot here, guaranteed.
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Welcome the the forum Man. This place is great and has made me a better smoker hands down. Lots of good folks here to help make it (better for sure).
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Cowgirl steered you right to the SMF, good place to share with great folks.
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Welcome Mannawray.
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thanx to all for the welcome. i'm looking forward to fininshing my smokehouse and to start smoking.
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welcome Mannawray!
you are truely welcome and part of our crazy fam!

Points to Cowgirl for expanding the cause!
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Welcome Mann, kick it up a knotch,You can find out here...
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welcome mann to the world wide forum of smf....if you are just as culinary great as cowgirl definetaly looking for some great q-views from you....welcome
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Hey mannawray.... Glad to see you made it! biggrin.gif

Lots of really good people here willing to answer any questions and share ideas. Did ya check out the sausage section yet?
Send me a PM if you need anything. :)
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Welcome Mannawray

Glad to have ya join us, here's to lots of fun!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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welcome to the site, you will find good information and people here.
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Welcome to the SMF. You were recommended by one of the best. That cowgirl can do things most men would not attempt to try. She is one of my mentors. Hope you enjoy this forum and have fun.
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Welcome to SMF Manna. I am glad that Cowgirl turned you in this direction. Lots of great material on here. I look fwd to see your future Qview.
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Welcome aboard............Great to see new faces here.............
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