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ABTs' and Chicken

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Needed to smoke something and after running to my favorite produce stand and store came up with this.

Smoked chicken breast:
Brine: salt sugar Worcestershire, molasses
Stuffed under skin: Cilantro, red Serrano pepper, garlic
Rubbed with little olive oil and Cajun spice

ABT's 2/3 cream cheese, 1/3 sour cream, shrimp dusted in paprika, bacon

Dirty rice posted by slickrat

Should have had a red instead of white wine, but I already drank the Shiraz!

Tasted great, wife said better than a restaurant!

Thanks to all at SMF who have helped me be able to create this.
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Those ABT's look awesome!
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That there looks like a wonderful meal. WTG.
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Looks Good...

The food looks great Werdwolf! Hey how is that bottle of Vino? Is that a sweet or a dry?
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It was a little on the sweet side with good fruit flavor. With this meal and the spiciness should of had a red, but we drank the bottle of Shiraz I had during the day.
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Good looking meal there werdwolf.
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Nice lookin' stuff... real nice! POINTS nice! Well done!
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Great looking Q my friend, thanks for sharing.
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