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Saturday Ribs.

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Did some ribs last sunday and they were good but the rub was a little thick. It was the first time I used mustard then applied the rub. Not sure I liked how thick it was so this time i didn't use mustard and when i made my rub i used dried brown sugar so that it wouldn't be so think. It smells great so far. Here's a pic of them going on the GOSM. Will have more later.

Here they are after 2 hours. Heading into foil. I also made a balsamic bbq glaze for them. Glazed and added some apple juice to the foil.
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confused.gif How do you figure the mustard made your rub thick? I would think you would just cut back on the rub. Remember the rub is what provided your bark and flavor. I usually have more than what is in your photo most of the time.
Was the rub to potent for you?
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It wasn't too much for me. I dont know if it was the mustard of the moist brown sugar or what. The wife thought it as too thick. Today is a little thin. The time before last I didnt use the mustard and it was good coating. With the mustard I put the rub on and let it setup and get wet then added a little more like most people say you should. I will try the mustard again but maybe not use the second coating of rub.
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Here they are finishing up and sliced. I also have a fatty on right now...

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They look great and I'm sure tasted better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks GREAT to me!!
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I have never heard anyone say that. confused.gif
My guess would be something in the taste did not suit your wife. Most of the mustard and such should cook down as the meat smokes. Mustard in itself adds no flavor to the ribs, it is basically there to help the rub adhere better to the meat. Maybe the brown sugar was too much. I know my wife doesn't like rubs/sauces that are too sweet.
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My wife doesn't like a plain dry rubbed rib without some kind of sauce. Anyways, my ribs are always waay heavier on the rub than what you have pictured above.

Looks like they turned out great though!!!
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This time I tried light rub and did a bbq glaze on them to try to please her. I think they were still good but she thinks its too spicy. Ill get it right for her eventually. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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