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Your Perfect BB ribs.

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I've been looking through the threads and stickys in the Pork section and I can't really find everything I'm looking for.

I was wondering if you could put down your directions to YOUR perfect BB ribs.

I haven't smoked anything before but I just got a Smoke Hollow 30166e.

Please put down your Time, Temp, Wood, when to mop, what to mop with, rub, etc...

Thanks from a first timer.
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Stop into Roll Call and introduce yourself and what you like in a rib- it'll help us answer that rather broad the mean time...

Welcome to SMF!

On Edit: Don't forget to wash the smoker out and season it before use
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Thanks for the welcome. I will be stopping in the roll call shortly per your advice.

The 3-2-1 method. Is that what you prefer. I'm guessing that you want it falling off the bone. Am I correct?

Also, what do you mop with... And what type of wood do you prefer... Do you like a crust.. Do you always do 3-2-1??

Sorry for the barrage of questions. I'm interested in hearing ur preferred method.
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Wood...for ribs in my opinion has to be apple. Hickory second.

I do NOT like my ribs falling off the bone. That's what the third part of the 3-2-1 is about..firming them back up. Realize that the times are relative... there is no sub for experience. For a beginner WILL work. If I do foil... and I have been getting away from that... I do it when I see the meat start to pull back from the bone tips..there's a good clue.

If ya got baby backs it's gonna be more like 2-1.5-.5, and nice tight trimmed Looie cuts like 3-1.5-.75. But like I mentioned experience is everthing. I DO suggest you document your process... every time. then when ya nail it, you GOT it!

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I mainly use the 3-1.5-.45 or 2-1.5-1.Sometimes i foil early if I get good pull back on the bones. I rub with a mix of garlic season salt something spicy to your taste and brown sugar. When I foil I put some apple juice in with it. I use hickory and cherry to do my ribs. I have only done a limited amount and am finding new ways to tweak it to my taste. Good luck.
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See above PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Use the 3-2-1 as a guideline. As you smoke more and more, you will naturally adjust to your individual taste. For now, I would focus on learning to control your temps and being consistent with that everytime. If you cannot control that factor, I don't think any 3-2-1 or other methodology will help you much. It may just add insult to injury. Practice makes perfect.
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LOL...thats what the forum is for...a barrage of questions!Just reward us with QVIEW! its what we crave.
Happy Smokes!
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Pink meat nailed it.Master the fire and everything else will fall into place with experience.
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Let me tell you my story in hopes you'll see my issue and reward me by answering.

I've been a long time lurker of the boards and haven't smoke anything b4. I bought a electric smoker about 2 weeks ago and picked up some BB ribs to try.

I get home and look on the boards to find some basic guide lines to bb ribs. Well, I find them easily but not enough. I then read through all bb rib threads in hopes of finding exactly how you guys are doing them. I see, 3-1.5-.5, 2-1-1.5, 2-1-1, etc... I hardly see what temps(now I know its pretty much around 220...newbie...) or what woods, or when to mop...

I was thinking, why wasn't their a sticky on BB Ribs... So I figured I'd ask the question and hope to get a pile of answers to help newbies find a wealth of info on BB ribs.

That was my goal. So if your interested, put down your way 4 bb ribs.
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Did you look at the link in the first reply to your post ?
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