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Brisket Flatw w/qview

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I smoked a couple of 7# flats last night for a party on the Chesapeake Bay today, but the weather didn't cooperate. I plan on making some neighbors and co-workers happy and freezing the rest. Anyway, I rubbed and wrapped them on Thurs evening. Pulled them out of the fridge on Fri around 7:30 pm and had them on the smoker at 8:00 pm. Initially, I used 3 soaked hickory chunks and 2 hardwood lumps of charcoal. At 10:30 I added another 2 chunks and 1 lump and went to bed. I keep the smoker temp at around 225 and that usually takes close to 10 hrs for the flat to get to 155. When I checked them at 6:00 am they were between 155 and 160 (right on time). I wrapped both and 2.5 hrs later they hit the target temp of 190-195. Wrapped in towels and into the cooler for 2 hrs. I've smoked the packer cut a few times and they always end up a little dry, but the flats come out moist and very tasty. Here are some pix of the finished product.

Flat #1

Flat #2

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look good enough to eat ;-)
what rub did you use ?
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Looks so good I can almost smell it! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Curious, I used the rub from the 'Smoke and Spice' cookbook. They have a recipe for the whole brisket and a different one for the flat. I tried the whole brisket recipe first and never changed. I keep telling myself that I want to try the flat recipe, but I always chicken out and use what I know I enjoy.
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Definatly juicy looking! I'm sort of perplexed by the lack of smoke ring? Strange.

On Edit. Ahhh Wattburner ;{)
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Richtee, it does bug me that I don't get that nice ring when I cook brisket. I get a nice ring when I cook ribs and pork butts, but not so much when I do the brisket. I get a little redness on the very top and on the bottom, but doesn't seem to be a lot of penetration. The flavor is there, so I don't lose a lot of sleep over it. I asked about this before and that's when I started adding the lump charcoal. My only guess is I'm not patient enough waiting for smoke before putting the meat on. I'm open to suggestions.
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Prolly the only suggestion that would abosolutly work is get a charcoal smoker, or stick burner. Hey..if the flavor's good... run with it. It just strikes me as strange, 'cause I'm used to the ring. Smoke on!
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Good lookin brisket even w/o smoke ring.
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Nice Job Golf. The smoke ring on mine are not as much as i want but they taste great.
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