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newbie reporting back in

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Hey all. Last week or so I introduced myself by tell about my first time smoke of a pook shoulder for a football tailgate. It went very well. I have now been asked to smoke something for each of the remaining home games!!! Yikes! Anyway, just wanted to again say thanks for all the help and info you all gave me. I put it to good use. I had to fight off a couple of late arrivals so I could take a small sample back home to my wife!!! Getting ready to do the meatloaf here in a few for a couple of friends coming over to watch my Boilers take it to the Domers in South Bend today! Again, thanks for the help

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Heck, Dave...we enjoy helping :{) Thanks for the thanks!

And pound ND for me..
Signed- a U of M fan. Sigh.
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lol, yep they may think u crazy for takin pics of your smokes but i guarrantee you one thing for sure. it aint gonna affect there appetites and you better be pretty sly if you wanna make it outta there with some for the wife!!! looks like you doin good and having fun with your addiction!!!
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Welcome to the forum.
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Im glad to hear everything went well with your first shoulder. Did you post pics?
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welcome to SMF DavePDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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dave welcome to smf...sounds like you are on your way....happy smokes
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