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Breakfast Fatty

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I love omelets - veggies, mushrooms, cheese and sausage make a great filling. So I figured, why not make a breakfast fatty? It's an experiment. The idea is that when it's done you can slice it and serve eggs in any style you prefer over it. Since I was cooking any way, I also did a couple of pork loins, a brisket flat and some sausage at the same time.

Here's me cooking up the innards:

Rolled and ready for TBS:

On the pit with some close friends:

Yes, there are four wireless thermometers. Yes, I am that anal about hitting temperatures!

The old generic plate box offset, at work once again:

More pictures should appear when it's all said and done!

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mg i am in the same class you're n..love omlets and you my friend has a great start on a nice one there...genius....will have to try that...nice looking bunch of stuff there as well..
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Looks like a good one
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Man the Fatty has matured to an art form around here. The Throwdown was good...but they ALL seem in the top class these days! BRAVO SMF!
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