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newbie needs a couple tips from the pros

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I am smoking for the first time today 2 whole chickens. I have read every thread in the poulrty section but still have a few questions?

Can I put them standing up on the same rack next to each other?

Do I put foil under them to catch the juices?

I think I set my MES at 250 correct?

I think I'm going to spritz them with apple juice and brown sugar any other suggestions?
How much water in the pan? Do I foil them at all?
I don't have a "good" thermometer yet but I will use what I have, How long to cook?

Any other tips to help me thru this first chicken smoke...
I put the dry rub on them last night, I'm using hickory chips.

thanks ya'll
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Yes you can put them on the same rack.
You can use foil or a drip pan, but do not put any food below the chicks.
You can smoke at 250, higher for crispy skin.
Spritzing is your option, you can foil them after you take them off the rack if you want
I can't tell you about time, we usuaully cook by interrnal temp. Get a meat probe therm and calibrate it before your smoke.
You're good to go, your next smoke will be even better!
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What richoso said. I do inject mine with apple juice mixed with my general purpose rub. Hmmm. Think I may do some drunk chicken this weekend come to think of it. Stick a Beer up the yahoo of the bird and cook to internal temp of 170-175 for my taste.
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Thanks guys that is why I joined. I have been looking forward to firing this thing up for a week now. I have already seasoned it last weekend. I just hope the chickens get drunker then I do.LOL icon_surprised.gif I am thinking about putting a 2lb london broil on top? Good idea or save that for another day?
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I like to start out 1 hour on 350 then back it down to 250 till it's done myself, It get the temp out of the danger zone quicker and also gives you a crispier skin, I also brush with olive oil and pur garlic powder, kosher salt and cracked black pepper on the skin.

Hope this helps, enjoy your chicken, and your weekend
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If you take Shooters advice and stick a beer up the yahoo, make sure you plug the hole at the top. It keeps the moisture in.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I am using a MES I put the 2 yard birds on at 5PM with the cans in bung hole. Nice TBS smoker temp at 250 lookin real good, I am about to put the thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh. My wife had to go to wally world so no pics of the beginning but I'll try to get some for the end. Thanks for the help fellas. Any idea about how long?
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Thanks Pney I must have had a brain fart because after I posted I remebered I have that print out I'm looking at now. Again thank you.
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For even juicier and more flavorful chicken, take a stick of room temp butter and mix it with your rub or favorite seasonings. Smear the butter under the skin on the breast and thighs. Just be careful not to tear the skin. I usually use a silicon spatula for this. Good luck!
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