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[quote=curious aardvark;266765]well this stuff is a medium hard cheese. I'm a cheese eater and while I've been told that there are some small dairies making decent cheese in the states now - I've never found any when over there. So not sure what you'd compare a mature double gloucester with ( and this is a great double gloucester). In larger cities with WHole Foods, and Specialty Cheese store popping up it is work but mature double glouster isn't incredibly hard to get. Neal's Yard is a huge importer as well as the Fine Cheese Co. of Bath. We even get alot of the borough market cheeses as well.

As Far as small Farmhouse and artisan cremeries there are plenty, I can send you a spread sheet of them later, Most are super smal and only sorce to local stores. Ones of considerable note to look for:
Cowgirl Creamery from Point Reyes, CA
Meadow creek dairy from gaylax, VA
cypress grove creamery from humbolt co, CA
Capriole farms from greenville, IN
All of the creameries have great portfolios and represent a wide range of american and eruopean tradditions in there cheeses.

Whole Foods has opened a couple of store in London Now and beyond having a great deal of cheese from the world should have a nice representation from the states. I know for a fact that the cowgirl creamery used that as ther first international retail outlet. I know you hate the city, but if you are a foodie in any reguards to the word you should go and see it. You can directions and a map at:

Nice job on your cheese, I like you q-view! Good info on smoking times and strenghths.
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I love cheese and a few American favorites are Carr Valley, Santori, Award Reserve. I can get these in a very fancy grocery store called Wegmans around here.
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great aardvark... sounds about right to me... thanks for the discussion.. I enjoy you and rich back and forth... if I have any questions about anything I will be sure and let you two know about it, I'm sure all bases would then be covered... and if not, I'll call on Walking dude and his soapbox. :-)
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Looks excellent Aardvark :) nice Qview :)

I have to agree London is a hole, same as Paris. I'm only 15 miles outside and 5 miles from Heathrow but hate having to go there :( The english mostly hate londoners and the french the parisiens... I was presented with an evening menu in a 4* hotel with a menu for Lapin Vitesse Pizza (Lapin Vitesse translates to Speed Rabbit) i opted to wait till the morning lol.

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this woman owes me HUGE favour :-) (see 'Yes Yes Yes' blog post)
So I think I'll give her the task of looking for some maytag :-)

Hey now we got plenty of rabbit in the freezer - anyone smoked rabbit (umm I'll go post over on the game section lol)
cheers for comments anyway.
I'm learning.

Alas out of smoke at the moment, woodturning this weekend I feel - stilll deciding what to go for next. Definitely not cherry again. Leaning towards either oak or maple at the moment - any thoughts ? (hmm, again probably needs different thread lol)
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