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Poll Results: which wood burner for you

Poll expired: Oct 6, 2008  
  • 7% (3)
    gator pit
  • 90% (37)
  • 2% (1)
41 Total Votes  
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I have the TS120p patio model. 1100 lbs of patio grill!!!!!

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Have always built my own, but admired the Meadow Creek

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I know enough to build my own but have not the shop, tools or welding skills. Kudos to you guys that are fabricators. I have seen a lot of options I like that a tinkerer with a welder could have a lot of fun. Big tanks take a lot of heat to get going. Controlling airflow is key and a bit overlooked by most pit makers. Tank style offset manufactures should gasket the doors but don't. OK so a tube of red heat resistant silicone is cheap compared to another add on option for a cost. When looking at offset rigs not all racks are created equal either. My stainless racks that are NOT extruded steel clean up easy and will not cut you anywhere. All big tanks should come with 2 stacks for getting it up to temp and then closing one down to cook. It takes a lot of air through the tank to get it hot. If air aint movin, the firebox can be super hot and the cook chamber not. Yes really. That's why I had my firebox made insulated and then sealed the doors myself. I live in snow country and do not stop BBQing when the temp drop below zero. The big tank will warm my hands in Feb!

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I have the TS120p. Can roll it around the yard yet it is 1100 pounds of beast! Cooks great and Had it made with 3 shelves if you want to go nuts and cook 30 slabs of ribs.
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