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First attempt at pickling sausages

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okay folks, we've been talking about it, and i finally did it..........

first shot is of the fixin's

i have apple cider vinegar, a hot wax top of cutting board, 2 small sweet nanners, half a large onion, recipe called for a small one, but had this one in fridge to use up. 14oz keilbasa, recipe called for 2 lbs, but used what i had, so i made do with half a pack of hotdogs, crushed red pepper flakes i made myslef from our garden. pickling spice. 10 drops of red food coloring

put 2 wide mouth canning jars in boiling water to heat up. Boiled up the liquids (don't worry folks, recipe to follow....cool.gif ). after they reached boiling point, simmered for 5 minutes. Packed the hot jars fresh outta the water, with some onion on the bottom and then layered the peppers, more onions, hot dogs, sausage, till almost to the top. Poured half of the simmering liquid in the jars. This was not enuff liquid, so i topped off with more vinegar. Took the HOT jar lid outta the boiling water, and placed on top. make SURE the lid is wiped clean. THIS A IMPORTANT STEP, cause the vinegar will degrade the rubber seal on the jar lid. Placed the ring ontop, and twisted down tite. Will wait for the jars to kewl down, then refridge for couple days at least. From what i read, the longer it sits, the better it gets.

Final shot

2 lbs pre-cooked keilbasa (or what ever you want to use, but must have been either cooked at the factory, or you will have to do so. Once i get back to sausage making, will be using my own!)

1 small onion sliced

1 cup water

3/4 cup brwn sugar

3 cups vinegar of your choice

1 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes ( i used a tablespoon)

1 tbl pickling spices.

Thats the recipe i pulled off the web, but changed it up abit, as in adding food coloring. Found that in another recipe. Plus i added the peppers since we got em out our arse atm in the garden.

any question, please ask

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umm, why ?
pickled oinions. eggs, pickles etc.
but sausages ?
makes no sense.
you've eaten them somewhere and they were good.
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in the bars............sitting right beside the pickled eggs.

the bar (pub), i used to hang out at, they were called HOT MOMMA"S.......EXCELLANT...

we've been talking about this idea for several days curious. guess you missed those threads.............

i found at least a dozen recipes online for doing this...............
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dude how long are you going to let them set before you decide to eat one...i'm interested how they look and taste....nice job
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everything i have read on it, anywhere from at least 2 days, to a week, before trying em............doubt i wait a week..........LOLOLOL

like i said, i guess, longer they sit, better they get............
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I agree. This is something I have got to try if yours is successful. Those durn things are a buck + at my local convenience store icon_frown.gif
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no reason for em not to turn out great.........maybe a bit hotter than i want, with the addition of the crushed red pepper flakes, and the hot wax peppers........
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That looks good Steve. You know you have to bring some to the next gathering, right?
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or when you get your skinny *ss over here...............LOLOL
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I'll make it down there one of these days. Oh, and tell Buzz he needs to bring some of those pickled peppers too. Hmmm, you call those things Hot Mommas? If that was that pic you sent me, I changed my mind, I don't want any!!!
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NICE Dude!! Be sure ta post again after ya try em.....Very interested in how hot they get.biggrin.gif
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Lookin good deud!!! cool.gif
Can't wait to hear how they turn out for ya.
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very interesting d88de!!! do a follow up on these i bet they gonna be hot!!!
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you know everyone ...this project if you wanted to do is very cheap to buy eveything , not a real expensive treat if you ask me...can't wait to see dude..PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yeah mike..........cheap AND simple........first time "I" ever canned anything...........if i can do it, even MOSSYMO can do it...........LOLOLOLOL
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Why?! If everyone had that attitude we wouldn't even be eating sausage. "Hey lets grind some meat and spices, stuff it all in a pigs gut, hold it over wood smoke for awhile, then eat it"----Why?
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LOLOLOL........specially being told its a pigs gut..............eek.gif
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Ditto, you makin me a hungry!!
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I love those hot sausages you get out of a jar. I only know of one brand, and thats Penrose's. My brother got me a huge jar at Sams one time. They are so good. I cant imagine how good yours will be homemade!
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there are some penroses recipes out there i saw.........and this is similar........i just had to add the D88DE touch........LLOLOLOL

as the old tony curtis and jack lemmon movie title was, "Some Like it Hot"

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