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Looking for Chuck basics

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I've read lots of posts about smoking chuck but couldn't find an instructional. Sorry if there is one I missed. I was thinking about smoking my first chuck tomorrow but need to know the basics before I start. Any tips or pointers to make sure it does not come out dry will be appreciated.

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Have a look at this one:
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Really don't have to do much. Season it up they way you like and let er go. It is a good piece of meat to smoke and I prefer it over brisket. Might want to foil it when the internal temp it gets up to about 170. Let it continue up to 200o and then pull the meat for pulled beef or whatever you have in mind.
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hey man, I just do the chucks basically the same way you do a boston butt. they have a prety good fat content, I just slather with mustard and my favorite rub, smoke to 160-170 degrees, take out wrap it in foil and put back in the smoker till 200-210 degrees, let it rest for an hour and then take out of the foil, pull it or slice it and take the juice out of the foil and let the fat come to the top and get that out of there and pour you juice back in the meat and enjoy.

here is a better thread on the chuckie.
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I wouldn't suggest that.....

Try this one for awesome Chuckies!!
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Bad link

Thanks for the help everybody. Krusher, that link is for a new reply.

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So a chuck is a chuck is a chuck

Not really. They are not all the same.

Some pull, some don't, some only partially.
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