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New Vault Owner Seeks Guidance

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I tried smoking some ribs a couple weeks ago with my new Vault propane smoker and had some problems:
  • The flames seemed more yellow than recommended. Tried opening the bottom vents for more air flow but did not seem to help. Also tried switching from the line feed from the house to bottled propane but that didn't help either.
  • Water from the pan did not evaporate much. I filled it nearly to the top instead of leaving a one inch gap - perhaps the extra amount kept it from getting hot enough. In addition to reducing the fill, should I preheat the smoker to get it good and hot before resetting to the desired temperature and adding the meat?
So I'm getting ready to give it another try this weekend with a brisket which I never cooked before. Any comments on the above plus any recommendations on proceeding with the brisket would be much appreciated. I did copy a procedure and a marinade recipe from this site.

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What temp did you have in the smoker? The thermometer on the door is probably not correct. Did you have blue falmes?
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The flames were like half blue/half yellow. Definetly more yellow than desired. The temp was between 225 and 250.
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I'm not familiar with the venturi on the Smoke Vaults but some are kinda adjustable by a dial like cover on them you may look to see it yours can be adjusted and make sure nothing is clogging it
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I have had the same problem on my smoke vault. Flames got progressively more orange until eventually they were solid orange. Camp Chef replaced every internal part, the venturi valve assembly, regulator even the burner.

Still orange.

Wish I could give you some helpful advice but I never did remedy the problem.

Many others with the same smoker have no issues at all.

Eventually I got a WSM and retired the smoke vault though I will probably use it as a cold smoker.
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This was my first SMV. I took it back and exchanged for another. The second one works good but I still get a little extra yellow.

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Thanks for the replies and especially the photo of the flame - it looks similar to mine. When set low it is more blue which is the level I've been using.

This is my second smoker - the first was a Smokehouse but the construction was cheap and it was pretty bent up when I got it so it had to go back. The Vault is much better construction so it's a shame that there appears to be an issue with the burner. Will probably give the manufacturer a call to see if there is some way to remedy this.

Thanks again,
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had my vault now for prob going on 3 yrs only prob ive ever had was a bad regulater prettycommon i think with any thing my
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