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Now this is weird. Even before turning the computer on this AM I was wondering how you were doing. Prayers were answered.

Good to see you Pops.

Keep getting better.
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pops so glad to hear that you are back.....our prayers were answered
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YAY Pops! Welcome back home and to SMF! :{)
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I have no clue about "syntax" and my typing is two or three fingers, okay maybe 4 at best. Like everyone else I am glad you are back. I will keep on praying for your speedy and complete recovery.
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Heya, Pops!

Somehow I missed this thread earlier. So, better late than never.

As I was reading through all the replies to Mrs Pops post I was truly impressed with the outpouring of good wishes and prayers on you and your family's behalf. What a great gang of folks, eh?

When I came to your post I hollered out a great big, "YESSSSS!!".

So, for the immediate time being listen to the professionals, learn from them and follow their instructions. Oh, and pay attention to what your docs say, too! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Great to have ya kickin' and gaining!


BTW Prayers are still in order and will continue!
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Was very happy to see your message icon_smile.gif. Glad to see you got home ok.
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Pops we'll take the typing anyway you do it as long as your back. Thank Mrs. Pops for coming in and telling us of your situation. Your being back is the best news I've gotten today. Hopefully you will continue to improve every day and be back to your old self before long. You and Mrs. Pops will remain in my prayers.
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Welcome Back Pops. It Looks like ya type better with one hand than I do with 2 Get Well Soon
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Hey Pops, I just came apon this thread. I just wanted to say welcome home and Im glad to hear you're feeling better. Heck if Id had known you were at Arlington Memorial I woulda come to visit you. Maybe sneak some brisket in for ya. I live about 6 blocks from there. So glad to have ya back. We dont like it when we have a team player down.
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pops, like i said earlier, i have recovered from 3 of em........tho that last one was the werst.......but btdt......i have faith, you will be fine...........

true dat
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Glad to see that your doing better. We will continue to pray for your recovery.
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wonderfull to see ya back online with us Pops. The power of positive thinking, all the prayers of your friends, and the good doctors at Arlington have all worked together to get ya back home. Its such great news, as many have said, the best news of the day. Keep workin on the recovery, and make sure you let your freinds and family help ya with that smokin, they might not be as good as you at it, but you can yell at em if they do it wrong.Prayers are continuing for you and the Mrs.

Take it easy, listen to the doc, make sure ya thank the "big guy" daily!icon_wink.gif
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Just goes to show ya...ya can't keep a good man down!Glad you are back with us!pssstttt...if ya sweet talk Mrs Pops...maybe she will sous chef for ya
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Yes it did and thanks so much! took me awhile to get thru my msgs.
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thanks y'all

for all the posts, get well wishes and words of encouragement! it isamazing what wonderful outpouring there's been! y'all are truly an amazing extended family! i told my wife when i first joined that i felt an unusually strong urge to post as much of what i can when i can while i can, likewise the "butcer's knot" posts and such. it was like a premonition or something.
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Once you put something on the internet it is there forever.
Thank you pops for the knowledge!
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