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Cheap Meat

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The grocery store down the street from where I work is selling "pork butts" for $.99/lb. I assume(?) they are referring to Boston Butts right?

I'm thinking about loading up. Do they turn out the same after being frozen for awhile?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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great deal..........JUMP!...........and if they are cyro-packed, they will be fine after freezing..........i do it all the time, with NO degradation of the product upon thawing.
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Thanks WD. I'm on it!
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I agree at .99/lb stock up.
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Thanks Pineywoods. BTW what's cryo-packed? I'm sure they just come wrapped in cellophane on styrofoam.
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crayo pack is normally from the packer...........heavy dutp plastic, HECK of a lot better that what you mentioned
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Cryo-packed is sealed in a heavy plastic. If they are just cellophane wrapped they will need to be vacuum sealed or freezer paper wrapped.
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Gotcha - thanks to both. How long will they keep?
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Had a ron-moment myself last night.

Got some boned pork shoulder (butts ? I'm still not sure).
British pork and half price at £1.02 a pound. Approx $1.80. This is cheapest I've seen it for a year.
got 2 about 6lbs each.
one is for fatty meat, steaks etc. thinking about smoking the other. :-)
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That be a good deal. Last time our grocer had em fer 99 cents I bought a 100 pounds worth! Better take advantage ifin ya can, don't look like good times ahead.

There fine eatin, hold up well ta bein froze. Like others have said, just besure they are cropacked or wrap em up good in freezer paper.
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Run, don't walk and stock up before they're gone! Well wrapped they're good for a few months at least in the freezer.
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Can I ask what store? Is it just a small market? I'd like to get in on a deal like that!
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Not a major chain. Local store on the southside called Fairplay. I think they have a few stores scattered around somewhere. I'm going on my lunch hour to clean em out.

Thanks again all.
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I contacted one of my cronies in the area to be on the lookout. He's over near Ch. hgts.
I'll be up there next week but I bet that deal will be long gone by then.
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Just picked up 7. Most around 6.5 lbs, one at 8.5. They look ok. Butcher says he'll have plenty more. Sale ends 9/30.
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