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The shipping on the mobile will probably be more. I bought the 48 patio, which was 500 for shipping and was quoted 600 for the 60 patio.
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I took out the grates and coated every thing, inside and out with peanut oil, coat the grates and put them back in. Build a nice hot fire in the fire box. Your fire needs to get up to at least 400deg on the therm. and keep it there for a couple of hours. When I was at Ben's shop he told me, "the longer, the better, all afternoon would be fine". Let it cool completely, clean out the fire box and recoat every thing with oil. Might be over kill but, I did this twice to my Lang when I first got it home, once is probably fine.

After every smoke, I clean it out and wipe down the outside with a thin coat of oil. Keeps it looking brand new, even the paint on the top of my fire box is still there after many smokes.

Congrats on the new Smoker Chris! You're going to enjoy cooking on that Lang.
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Thanks, and congrats on your new smoker to. How do you like it? When you say coat inside and out are you talking about the smoke camber and the fire box and out side of the smoker. I am thinking about the rust later on in the year. And how to prevent it. I might just have to keep it in the garage but that is going to be a pain in the butt.
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fill up the firebox with hardwood, and put a pan of water in the meat chamber and let her rip, get her good and hot for a couple hours, that's how I did it
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Clean the inside well before curing to remove grindings, oil, ect.

I sprayed all down inside until obviously wet with Pam. Built a smokey fire with oak and slowly raised the temp to 400. After 2 hrs I lowered the temp to 250 and smoked for 4 more hours at the lower temp. Worked well and I hope this helps.
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I don't have the option of keeping mine in a garage, I wish I could do that. Like you, I'm concerned about rust so after every smoke, I spray and wipe down the outside with peanut oil or EVOO, Pam would work just as well. Pay particular attention to all the welds, that's the first place rust will start. Also, as soon the fire box is cold (this may take longer than you think for all the coals to go completely out, at least a day or two) clean the ash out the fire box. Never let the ash sit long in the fire box. I use a big shop vac with a dry wall dust bag in it for this. Vacuum, scrape with metal putty knife, and then vacuum again. Since I have to keep mine outside, I'm probably a little anal about keeping it clean and oiled.

Also, this is what Ben Lang told me when I picked mine up. After the food comes out of the smoker, keep the fire hot, throw on a couple more logs. Open the drain valve, take a water hose and mist the inside of the cooking chamber very thoroughly, all surfaces, top, sides, grates, every where. You want to create a lot of steam, this will clean the inside. Close the door and keep your fire hot until the cooking chamber is completely dry. Let it cool and then spray with oil. This isn't nearly as much hassle as it sounds.

As for liking the Lang, I can't imagine a easier wood burner to cook with. Reverse flow gives you nice even temps. I'm sure there are lots of very good smokers and other designs out there that others prefer but, I have no regrets about buying a Lang. Hope this helps, looking forward to seeing your Qview.
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Can't wait to see it in action. Good luck with your new toy!
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I got the smoker Wednesday. Man this thing is great it is well built I am seasoning it right now. I had to get some guys from work to help me and the driver to get it off the trailer.
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Congrats on that great machine
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That is THE exact same model I am saving my pennies for! I am so jealous and think you should put up some pics RIGHT NOW! Seriously, good buy! Cant wait till the change jar is full!
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I will take some pics and post them. It is worth it. The pic on the web page is not the same one you get. The one you get is much nicer. Just make sure the day it will be delivered you have some people to help get it off the trailer. He had a 84, 60 and two 48 on the trailer. The 48's where on the front.
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I have a question what is the best way to clean out the fire box?
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I believe your firebox question is answered on the webpage for Lang under their F.A.Q.'s (I may be mistaken). I am still jealous! Good for you, enjoy it and post pics ASAP!
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Here are some pics of the new smoker

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That is serious man. Awesome!!!!!!!
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Nice smoker Chris.

I just got home from Langs myself at 5pm. I can't wait for the morning to season it. Ben has a nice operation going on. Real nice guy. He gave thorough instructions on the do and don'ts.

I was kinda worried about towing my 84 with my Ranger after hearing a post or two about them squatting down other folks trucks. No problem with my 2wd. I pulled it 347 miles and don't feel there was a loss of power. Only time I felt it was when stopping.
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You will love it. The 84 is one big smoker I was able to look at the one on the trailer. Ben is a very nice guy and easy to talk to. Do what he told you to do during the seasoning. Because when I got my smoker up to 300* and misted it with water a lot of dirty water came out if the drain. And the temps came back up pretty quick. I can't wait for Sunday I think I will do some butts and a chicken.
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