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Baby Backs Score W/QVIEW

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I decided to stop in at Krogers and look around with nothing in mind. Went to the chest cooler and found a mound of these. After thing awhile maybe 1 minute,biggrin.gif I had a greed attack and picked 4 of the meatest ones. Origianally $5.99, with card $3.99, and today $2.39.

I'll have one on the smoker soon with more pics.

Thanks for watching.

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Your one lucky dog RonP
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Great deal! I had to pay $330 lb last week. Specials around here are tough to come by.
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Regular $5.99 a lb (original white tag) is what it looks like - You done good buster PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hmmm, Wednesday meat special. Nice Job! :)
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nice very nice my man.....kudos
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Great find Ron. They're $5.49 per lb. right now down here. I'm hoping for another sale down to $2.99 like I got a couple months ago. I still have 7 racks in the freezer but if they get down to 3 bucks, I'm filling the freezer!
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Another great score Ron. Keep up the good work.
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Killer find Ron.
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dang dude your killing on the meat dates.

i got two $16 packs of country style pork ribs for $6 a few weeks back. love krogers man specials.

got a whole pork loin two night ago for $1.97 lb. but they have that about every other month. i have several in the freezor. usually pick one up about every time i see them on sale. just cant walk away from them.
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Ron you certainly have been finding some great buys on meat. Wish I could find them here but seems lately there just haven't been many.
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It's good to know that when the world fimnally goes to hell in a handcart - we can all turn to ron to do our foraging for us :-)

You've got a real talent for spotting a bargain there - congrats on the ribs :-)
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Thanks for the comments. I just got lucky I guess.

I'll finish the ribs tonight and post the pics.

Thanks for watching.

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lol - lucky like all the other bargains you'ved got recently.

Face it you've got a talent finding the offers :-)
either that or you spend 8 hours a day wandering round supermarkets ;-)
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Well I don't know about talent but I have been lucky. I just went in for a loaf of bread yesterday which they were out of anyway. Took all of 5 minhutes. I am lucky in one way, the Kroger is on my way home and so is Sam's. I don't even need to go 1 block out of my way to get to them. They are very convenient, even at Sam's they allow me to park at the front door.
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Nice hit on the meat wink.gif .
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Thanks Lab.
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