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MES as a Ronco smoker

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I'm going to try something new, i'm going to see how my MES works as a RONCO (set it and forget it) smoker.My friend with a BGE has ticked me off.The plan is to put a 6LB butt on about 7am. I'm putting dry chips & chunks
on the bottom of the wood pan and soaked chips & chunks on top of these to extend the time I get smoke. I plan on filling the water pan about 2/3 full and leaving the top vent 2/3 open. When i get home 7 hr.later (thurs is a short day) I'm going to foil in a pan stick a thermometer in it and finish the cook.
Anyone tried anything similar or any suggestions before I start
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I have used mine overnight a few times for pulling brisket. I got the brisket to 160* foiled it, set the temp on the MES to 205*, in bed for 7 hours, wake up & brisket is at 205* & falling apart....Breakfast is served!
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Pretty good as a set it & forget it smoker.I cooked a 6 lb butt today, at 7 am I put it on let it cook till 4pm (when I got home from work ) foiled it & cooked for 3 hours at 250. It was tender,moist,moderately smoked,& had a good crust. Only downside the meat didn't look as "pretty" as done on my charcoil smoker.
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Tuesday evening the wife rubbed two 6 lb butts and I put them in the MES at 4:30 yesterday morning with some wood chips in the pan and the water pan 2/3 full of apple juice and I left for work at 4:45, I called the wife at 6:00 and had her add some wood chips and then again at 8:00 befor she left for work, I got haome by 3:00 and the butts were at 194° and at 4:45 they were done perfect.
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What Fish said, I do it all the time. I have also reset the temps to 150' and kept it in for hours before pulling.
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