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great sausage site

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its a forum, and i hope i don't get into trouble for posting it, but GREAT info from/on this great book........<IMG height=8 alt=">" src="" width=8 border=0> Cooking & Curing from "Charcuterie": 2005-08, sausages, terrines, cured meats

some of the pics just made my mouth STREAM drool........

and this link, is a index of all the great info, this tread contained

98 pages of great info on diff. kinds of sausage making..........this thread was just closed in july of 08. started in 05, so LOTS of great info
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Here's a link to the new thread that replaced the now closed old thread. It was closed because it was too big.

You have to join egullet and pay to post, but there is a lot of great info here and the other links that Walking Dude posted for fans of the Ruhlman and Polcyn's Charcuterie book to learn from.
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PAY TO POST??? to be kidding........geez
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Well, you have to pay to join. Joining allows you to post. I just pick people's brains and look for inspiration.
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Gosh Dude, almost makes you wish you had a stuffer/grinder icon_sad.gif . Just had to rub it in a little.biggrin.gif You can come over and borrow mine.
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my sister asked me for a christmas list.......i JUST sent it to her, with several grinders, and stuffers brands options. LOLOL
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yeah.....i edited it with the links.............
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on another note............this book, (Rhulmans) along with Kutas' book should be all anyone would ever need to make great sausage/cured meats
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yeah you are killing all of us also............BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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thanks for the link - yep both books are on my birthday/christmas list :-)
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great find. Their bacon looks tasty.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWhat a great link. It was so good I bookmarked it, and then I joined Egullet. Wow!

I checked Kutas' book out of the library and have been reading that. Rhulman's book is on it's way (by mud slogging burro - aka media mail) to me and I can't wait! Friends on another forum think they need to talk to my DH about an intervention. eek.gif Not happening. He likes the fruit of our labors!
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make sure the kutas book is the 4th edition, it just came out........i, unfourunatly got the 3rd edition for my birthday, earlier this month........still happy to get it, but i would of liked the 4th edition, just to make sure i have all the up to date material.........
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Since you're looking for good websites for sausagemaking, let me put a link to two more. The first is Len Poli's site at , Len's quite a sharp guy and has a wealth of information and recipes. The second is to the forums over at , a very friendly place for people who are into sausagemaking, breadmaking, cheesemaking (blessed are the cheesemakers), etc. Both links are well worth exploring in addition to this site.
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Walking Dude
Any idea of what they changed in the 4th edition? I've had the 3rd ed. for some years now, and I'm curious as to what might have been expanded.
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I too am curious as to what might have been changed in the 4th edition. Especially given that the author passed away some time ago.
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Are you having sausage problems....?
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