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question for UDS pro's

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Still debaiting building a UDS. I've got a Brinkman SNP and it works well. I just want something I can get longer burns. I've read all the threads but still have a major questions. When using a UDS, do you have issues with ash choke in the chacoal baskets? It seems very hard to replace lump or shake the basket with a UDS.
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Thank you sir....

No ash build-up, basket sits 3" off the bottom of the drum.

I just give it a lil "kick" once in a while to drop the ash.

If built right, you'll NEVER need to add fuel or wood! cool.gif
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Ever?? Are we talking perpetual smoking??
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So how much lump are you using for long burns? Say 10-12 hrs. Standard minium method?
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Charcoal briquettes I get 1 hr per lb (approx), so 12 hr burn = 12 lbs briqs. With lump, I use about 8-10 lbs.
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My drum must be more fuel efficient....

10 lbs of charcoal will last me 16 hrs easy, usually with some left over! cool.gif
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I've seen your drum in action. Its smaller than mine. 43 1/2 inches tall, 23 1/2 inch diameter.
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My charcoal basket is 17" diameter by 7" high. I fill it with 8 lbs. of lump and I get 14 - 16 hours easy out of that. As bubba said, just a little kick about every 4 or so hours to shake things loose, but even so there are times I forget and never have a problem.
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