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I wish! From looking at the wonderful food on here and on your blog, I'd love to be your neighbor. ;)
I'm 11 hours from Piney's camp. You're probably closer than me. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I'm still tryin to get some1 to cover for me that weekend at work..I would love to be there and meet some of u fine folks.. Heck , it's only about a 4 beer drive for me biggrin.gif
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Heck I think that should be a Holiday weekend and everybody should come on over
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hehehe I'll try that 1 ...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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LOL...Thank you SG! I'd like to be your neighbor
Heck, I just googled it...I'm only about 20 hours from Pineys. If I leave now....... biggrin.gif Sounds like a short drive. :)
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Hope you're able to make it, mikeren. I'm south of Daytona Beach and am making the trek on Friday and will stay until Sunday. I've met Jerry and Seboke (Ken) before and they are both great people.

Can't wait to meet ShooterRick and the others that will be there!
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And heres Laurel's accommodations for the weekend

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That's awesome, Jerry!!! I may not go home after the coziness of that little cabin ... need someone to help pay rent on the place? eek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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That would make a great deer blind up here in mich.eek.gif

j/k, looks like a great place to crash. Real nice of ya to offer it to the Lady Piney. Hope ya have a great gathering. You dang well know If I lived within a few hrs, I'd be there in an instant. One day my friend, one day for sure.
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looks like a outhouse with a window and no moon here
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Capt it would make a great shooting house biggrin.gif since its insulated even double paned windows and a steel entry door. Maybe put a couple high back office chairs in there with a heater heck maybe even a twin sized bed in case your elderly father wants to use it and needs to lay down often times.

Bob yea at 10x12 its not real big but sure quite large for a shooting house I originally built this for two purposes to allow my father to be comfortable while hunting as he has many medical problems and also while my wife doesn't hunt she does love to watch wildlife and read a book so in the off season she can open the windows sit in the comfy chairs read a good book and watch for animals coming to the food plot this sits next to. Oh I'll get ya some pics of the old out house complete with the moon in the door.
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dont think im gonna be able to make it .after three days off work and an already tight budget gotta try to cut expenses.wish i was there though
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Great sig, doug !!!
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