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North Florida Gathering

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Dates: Oct 18 & 19 we will have people arriving on the 17th

Location: Chattahoochee, Fl 32324 Since this is private property please pm me for exact address

All members are invited some people will be coming for the day and others will be here for the weekend.

If you need any other info let me know

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You chances for any leftovers is very slim wink.gif
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I wish I lived closer, I would be there in a heart beat. I think its pretty nice of you pineywoods to offer your place for a get together.It involves alot of work and stress. Thumbs up to you for the effort. I hope alot of the local SMF members don't miss out on this opportunity, I know if I lived within a days drive, I would be there, with my trusty lil cooker too!icon_smile.gif
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Looks like a good time Jerry. Wish I could make it.
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I wish ya'll were closer it would be great to meet ya and share some Q and maybe a brew or six biggrin.gif
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You might want to get started Ken.

Wish I was closer too. Would really like to meet some more of the members on here.
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Will be there!

Sandy and I will be there and have our reservations at the KOA. Lookin forward to meeting you and others piney. Sent a PM earlier.
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I'm sure a good time will be had by all. Have several cold beverages for me.
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I'm there with my camping gear in tow! biggrin.gif
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Yall have a good time! It's a hoot! Just don't get in to much trouble, ya behave yerselves an have fun!

Eat a bunch fer me an have a couple cool ones!
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I'm seein' if I can afford the trip--I'd love to attend
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Keywesmoke we'd love to have you join us come on up
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Anybody else going to come join us?? It should be fun meeting a bunch of our fellow SMF'ers and I know we're gonna eat well
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i'm gonna try to make it Piney...atleast for a day trip..will know more towards the end of the week if i can or not.....sounds like fun though!
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Great come on over it should be lots of fun. I'll pm you the actual address and you can map it
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Hopefully, just not sure yet. Wife still has her heart set on the Cedar Key Seafood fest. Depends on when we get away from here.
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Ok heres a few pics heres the cookshed we will use

Its kinda unfinished on the inside but I'm working on it a little but this is in there and hooked up

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Wow Piney, that looks great!! Wish I lived closer.
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Come on over cowgirl, you can't be much farther away than me right?
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Shoot SG, were almost neighbors. LOL biggrin.gif
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