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Italian tortellini

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We have this awesome "supper" from time to time. Italian tortellini w/ meat sauce...some sausage. cooked all day in the slow cooker. let me share a "stew view" with ya first.......

shrooms, cheese, tortellini, bits of sausage, sauce

cheese filled tortellini......

I think I am going to roll some fatties with this here goodie. Its already in the freezer for this weekend. I think the coagulation should help me roll it, once it defrosts a bit. Question: roll it in sausage or burger or? Any suggestions please. If'in it works out this weekend I shall qview fo sho!
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I believe Texas-Hunter beat ya to the idea, however I don't recall if there was actual sauce in it....YUM either way!

TIP: Add good <I like Progresso> breadcrumbs to stiffen the sauce and affect flavor little :{)
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Hey Uncle Honky!
I vote for a mix of hot and mild Italian sausage then wrap that baby in either prochutto or panchetta (I prefer panchetta, but it has been brought to my attention this is not available everywhere)
In any case it sounds really yummy!
Happy Smokes
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absolutely love the custom smoker, have any more pics?
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I have to watch my diet and your talking Italian. I get no respect you know. Actually, it sounds like a winner, go for it.
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thanks fer checkin' my view an' thought y'all.
bbqgoddess I will try your suggestion and have plenty of tortellini for more suggestions if any. Will report this weekend!

Thanks Dirtman I do have vid of the smoker and will upload photos this afternoon.

let me know what you
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Pasta in a fattie works well. I used hot sausage in my chili mac fattie. The sauce and extra cheese was wonderful.

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love the videos - though I have to say some of the voice overs on the first one sound a lot like the voice overs you get in **** films (so I've heard - never seen one myself you understand ;-)

So what's with the kettle smoking. I presume you're using the kettle element to get smoke from the wood. But what's it used for - didn't seem to fit into optimus anywhere.
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Love the videos Uncle Honky!!
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Vlap that looks incredible! If mine turn out that good I will be very pleased.

Curious the kettle smoking was a pot of cowboy beans. first run....I got it from a marlboro cigarette cookbook that has great recipies, even for ABT's
Voice overs? from a what film? Inot with ya no voice overs eek.gif
the wood in the bottom is the only source. thank you fer watchin'!

and thank you MrsB as well!
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