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Cold Smoking Chiles

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I'm cold smoking chiles. I just threw a piece of charcoal in my tailgating bbq, covered in wood chips and put the peppers (poblano and cayenne) on the other side. Been keeping the temp under 120 so things are going well.

I wanna try to dry 2 of them to grind up and add to my rub (might need a new username lol)

Is there a way to dry them without a dehydrator?

is there anyway to make a crude dehydrator with stuff around the house or cheap supplies from the hardware store?
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If you want to dry without using a dehydrator, you can leave them in the open air with plenty of sunlight. When they can break with a snap, they should be dry. Remove the stem and all seeds before the grind if you intend on turning them into powder. They can give a bitter taste. I don't kmow about making a dehydrator from parts or ???
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alton brown used a box fan and paper furnace filters to do his jerky......no reason why peppers won't werk.

he just bungi corded em to the fan, set it on its side, and let blow away
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I pick and sit in a south window sill for a few days-but this is arizona-oven on lowest heat with door a-jar works also.
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Similar to a device I have built for another hobby a drying box can be fashioned from a 60-100 watt bulb and a small fan to keep air flowing slightly thru the box. A small hotplate would be more efficient, but it if goes south, it can be a fire hazard. A bulb burns out.
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