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Wireless thermometers

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I am considering seriously about buying a wireless thermometer
Does anyone have experience with these ?
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maverick et-73 dual probe, bout the best out there..has one probe for your meat, and one for smoker temp. remote works pretty dang good within its 100' range. definately recomended
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ill 2nd that!!!
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what they said... the et-73 is awesome!
post #5 of 13's a link
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I don't have a wireless temp, where do they sell the ET-73?
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check any bbq supply store in your area, if nuttin i bet has em............
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Here is the link for Amazon:

I really like mine but might I suggest buying the 2 pak of 6ft. food probes. The leads that come with the original probes are very short and I was told by Maverick Customer Service that one of the longer cabled food probes would work fine for smoker temp.

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I use a Nu Temp wireless which has a set up for 3 probes, and a base unit. I have had mine for 3 years now and am totally satisfied with it. I bought all 3 units and use 1 for my smoker temp and the other 2 for meat. Here is a web site for it.

No matter what type of thermometer you get DO NOT submerge the probe under water. That is leading cause of meat thermometers going bad.

The feature I like best about the Nu Temp is that I can set 1 alarm for temp on the high side or low side. With the base unit I can sit in my lounge chair and check my temps without having to get up.
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I use a Weber wireless and so far it works great. It has a thinner probe which I like for smalled pieces of meat and the wireless part is nice. I can watch TV in my living room or be cleaning my garage (both are about 50' from the grill) and still get a solid reading.

One bad thing about the Weber is the preset temps. There's no way to set the alarm to go off at a specific temp. You can only uses the preset temps. But the way I figure it, with the remote I can keep an eye on it and pull it off when I want. Not a deal breaker for me.
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I use 4 wireless and 1 wired thermometers. The multiples are for when smoking different meats (butt/brisket), or meats of different sizes.
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wireless thermometers

Well thanks guys for the great info , I believe I am going to try out the ET-73.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I just got my ET-73 from the brown truck turns out the driver is a smoker too....(meat) that is so I emailed him a link to this site.
Best Regards
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