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Got my barrels!!!

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Yay! My barrels are here...wound up being $5 a piece and $10 for delivery. Not bad IMO. I can't wait to burn them out and start my project! I do have a question that I haven't really seen addressed in my searches. What kind of paint can I use on the outside? I'm assuming it has to be a high heat type paint, but will any do? Can I use engine paint from an auto store? I want to give my barrel a different look, but also want to keep it simple as art was always my worst subject! Thanks for the help and look for pics of the build as I get going!

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Great!! Will be looking forward to some updates and the build continues.
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Home Depot carries quarts of flat black high temp paint for BBQs. You might have to ask, I had trouble finding it, but they have it.

Here's a hint, use those little paint rollers that are about 2 inch diameter and 6 inches wide. Lots easier than brushing it on.
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Use the cheap stuff!

Drum doesn't get hot enough to hurt the paint.

Mine have been painted using on sale stuff and has held up fine.
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i just picked mines up today!
all i could find was one with a plastic lid, so im gonna have to improvise on the lid, or else try to hunt down just a drum lid.
Im looking forward to this project icon_smile.gif

i think i am gonna try to burn it out tomorrow.
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Awesome! Good luck to ya! I bought a Webber knock-off and plan on pillaging all the parts I can from it including the lid. I figure for $20 I got the grate, the lid, the ash bowl, legs, and *cheap-o* wheels...I can't go too wrong.

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Way to go. Lets see some before pics. Thanks.
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What bbq Bubba said , cheap stuff works fine. Have fun with yer builds.

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Right on...I was just curious as the cans say not to use on anything that gets hotter than 200 degrees F.

In other news I bought most of my supplies (minus the paint) and burned out one of the barrels.

I was wanting to use the bottom bowl of the kettle I bought as the charcoal basket/ash catcher. Does anyone see any problem with doing this? Thanks for the help and kind words of encouragement. This will be fun!

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That's a great price on your barrels!! Congratulations, looking forward to seeing your finished UDS. :)
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I am not sure if the bottom bowl sitting inside of the drum would allow enough air intake for the coals. Just not sure.confused.gif

I use a coal basket made from expanded metal....
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The bowl has holes drilled out of it and I thought about drilling more. The bowl also has a smaller grate that fits into it where the coals would actually sit so they would be sitting up off of the floor (so to speak) and have air flowing below them. Kinda like this:

I was thinking I could prop the bowl up to increase air flow into it using a couple bricks if need be, but I don't know if I'd need them...just an idea anyway. I'm a cheap a** and don't want to spend a lot of money if I don't have to!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

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Could be worth a try! Let me know how it works for you if you do. smile.gif
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