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Cheated and the Ribs were still great ! - Page 2

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Robbo, glad they turned out for ya. cool.gif

I have simmered ribs in a mixture of ginger, soy, star anise, sherry and other items too numerous to mention....then rolled them in a bit of cornstarch...fried til lightly brown and sprinkled with 5 spice salt.

They have nothing to do with smoked ribs.....they are chinese 5 spice ribs. lol I just got hungry thinking about them.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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That sounds good CowgirlPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Real men do what it takes to get the job done
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lol - yeah but you take it where you can.
And I've not had smoked ribs yet - so I don't know any different - yet ! (see previous posts on cost and lack of availability of whole racks of ribs in the uk)
They do whole racks at costco - hmm, got to go to costco this week. I'll think about it :-)

Pic of last re-processed batch below - work out to be 11lbs of ribs. They really are pretty good. Been sitting in the marinade all night in the fridge.
Crisp them up on the bbq and they're tender as you like.

Quick vacpacking tip. Ignore if you already know.
If vacpacking marinaded or wet meats - wrap it in clingfilm first and it seals all the wet in and doesn't bugger up your vacpacker.
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Kinda surprised at some of the responses on these three pages PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
Poster has been a member for a year but only has 4 posts. Admits he went against what is the proper way to do ribs , and was surprised that they didn't turn out terrible. It's not like he said Stop the low and slow , replace with boil and grill it's better , jeeze give the guy a little slack.

OK Rant off , just surprised to see some harsh comments from this forum
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lol - personally didn't see anything harsh.
All seemd to be in good humour - but then I work on the principle that: only those people who want to be offended - will be offended ;-)

Lol - don't know how I missed it.
Robbo is actually in france :-)
With all the (damn what was that homer simpson quote) That's it !
Yeah robbo is flying the smf flag among all those Cheese eating Surrender Monkeys ;-)
He deserves kudos for taking real cooking to the french lol
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OK , good point that.
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lol us rib-boilers are a tough and hardy folk - we got thick enough skin to take it !
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I'm surprised that nobody made the suggestion of the grill (or maybe I missed it). With BB you can get by on the grill and still have a good finished product in the same amount of time as was spent boiling the ribs and then smoking.

Something to think about.
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[we got thick enough skin to take it ![/quote]

You mean membrane, right?biggrin.gif
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Good point! I also have done them in the oven when lacking a smoker and had tasty results.
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boiling is not braising. braising is using high moisture heat to cook something. i guess technically it is high moisture if its submerged in water, but I wouldn't say I braised some pasta last night.
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Very true. I misspoke. Thank you for the correction.

I do see them as similar since when braising the liquid is hot enough to boil but there is much less water involved.
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I was mostly defending the grill in my post and trying to be a bit funny. I use my grill and pots a lot more than the smoker due to time constraints.

If I had to do ribs in a hurry, say 2 hours, I would smoke them for an hour at 250F or so and then foil them and bake in the convection oven at 350 for an hour and hope they are done by then.
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