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New Meat Eater from Iowa

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My name is Tim and live in the country in Iowa. I have been smoking any kind of meat for 10 years or so. I love food and try a bunch of different things when I cook.

I am married and have 5 kids, work at a Abc Supply, and own a daycare center.

I just recently purchased a 1/2 cow and wanting some new idea's on smoking my meat......on the smoker that is
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Welcome to SMF, Tim. You will get all sorts of ideas here (even some about smoking meat)!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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welcome Tim-Iowa huh? don't think we have anybody from there yet-hehe-glad u found us-sounds like your seasoned smoker-.
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Shucks, I thought you were a converted vegetarian!
Oh well. :)

Glad you're here you'll like this place. Good folks good advice good fun.
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Ya, right, Bob!

HEY Tim!...Let me be the FIRST Iowan to welcome you to the SMF! there are quite a few of us from around the state that frequent this site....make yourself at home and do a little reading in the Beef section of the forums listing. Plenty of ideas to be found.

OH!....Tama/Toledo area here.......glad you found us@@

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I am from around the Ames area - so not to far off from you.

I am actually in Minnesota right now starting a new branch up, but I am going home this weekend and I plan on smoking a Sirloin roast.

Let me hear your guy's suggestions
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Glad you were able to make it to the promised land! :)
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Greetings Tim,
Happy smokes, I am glad you found us we are certainly gonna benifit from your experiance...looking fwd to your q-vue this weekend!!
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Great to have you here! Just kill it, smoke it and eat it! Wait... kill it, smoke it.. Qview it and post it.. then eat it!
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Welcome to the SMF family glad you joined us
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Welcome Tim! Like Eric (earache my eye )said, there are quite a few of us Iowans on here. I'm sure you'll find lots of ways to smoke that cow after reading the different threads.
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Welcojme to SMF, Stick around and u will see all kinds of ideas for 1/2 beef, just bring it over to my house, I live in Sioux City
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Welcome Big Tim. Lots of ideas here. Do a search.
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Welcome to the SMF, plenty of meat eaters here! Do a few searches and I'm sure you'll find some great ideas and thoughts.
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have yall! I live in Mason City.

As fer the beef, a nice rub, then smoke the beast up. Nice sliced. Wouldn't be bad pulled either. Make great sammies.
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ANOTHER HAWKEYE! ! ! ! !.........i am telling ya, we be TAKING OVER........lololol

as my posts say, south side des moines. for the cut and paste standard welcome i give.......LOLOLOL

Welcome found the best site out there on the net.........BIG Family here, and they will treat you as a member OF that family..........

Make sure you sign up for Jeff's free 5-day ecourse, even if you have been smoking for awhile....lots of great tips and tricks in there. And don't forget the Q-view.............some here say, no Q-view, it didn't happen..............

check out some of the stickies............they will show you how to post the q-view, if you need to do a search for a topic, or to answer a question, that may of been answered many times before.........

BUTT! At the same time, the only stupid question, is the one NOT asked.....

Once again, welcome........

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Welcome to the SMF family. You have come to the right place.
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Welcome aboard Tim, from a seasoned Meat Eater! biggrin.gif
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welcome !!!
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