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Ribs, Loin

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Well, I KNOW this looks rushed but I had to post a pic or.."it didn't happen". The ribs are spares that I got cheap..89 cents a pound. They tasted cheap...lol...well, it was my fault. I treated them like BB's and learned a lesson. Don't rush. They needed another hour plus in the smoker. They were a little tough. Great taste, just chewy. (I'm spoiled on babybacks)
On the other hand, the pork loin was primo! I injected it with Tony Chacheries Honey, Bacon, BBQ marinade and rubbed it with Tone's Southwest Chipotle seasoning. Now this stuff is good. I buy it at Sams. Give it a try. I pulled the loin at 135 degrees as per Richtee's suggestion in an earlier post, wrapped it in foil, in a towel and in an ice chest for an hour. It was without a doubt the most tender and juiciest loin that I've done so far. Before I rubbed it, I split the top about an inch and a half to get good penetration into the meat.
Sorry about the amateur pic. I'll do better next time,,,promise.
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still some good lookin pork there...long as it's edible, the rest dont matter
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Yowser that looks good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good. Have to give "Tone's Southwest Chipotle seasoning" a whirl.
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Yep, I don't see nothing wrong, there.... looks great. Nice job on the loin - one of my favorite pieces of pork!
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good things come to those that wait......in the meantime eat ABT's PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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