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Beer Butt Chicken

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Tried a couple over the weekend on the Holland grill. Had never used this method on the Holland before. Was absolutely the most moist/juicy chicken I've ever done and it was TOO easy. Just put the bird on the can check back in 50-60 mins and it's done! I will never cook chicken halves again!

Also cooked a wild turkey breast which was even more moist just as tasty as the chicken. Filled the Holland's drip pan with water which prevents drying out the meat and cooked it at 300-325. Added a few slices of apple for fun.

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Looks great and I'll bet it tasted even better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks guys! It was SURPRISINGLY very good. I had never tried BB chicken on the Holland or wild turkey (on any grill/smoker). Oh and I was cooking this for a friend of mine who is a Fla BBQ Assoc. judge. He also requested a couple racks of baby back which I had never done on the new Holland. So....NO pressure! He gave the chicken a 9, the ribs an 8.5, and the turkey a HOT D**n!! I was pleased!!
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Good job on the smoke.
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Yo chix partyin' like a rock star. Nice job.
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Thanks guys...compliments from the "Big Boys" are very encouraging!
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Ever tried a spatchcocked chicken?

I don't think I'll ever do the beer can chicken again now that I've started spatchcocked chicken.

Somehow I think this is how BBQ competitions got started. wink.gif

Looks good & take care,
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Very nice beer butt Ez. Both my bro in-laws have hollands and they love them.
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