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Trouble Posting Pics

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I have my pics on Photobucket. Never had a problem before. I used to just select the pic, copy then paste in the post. Can't get it to copy. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just IE 8 screwing me up?
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Answered my own question. Went through Firefox and they posted fine. Thanks.
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IE 8?
didn't know it was out.........
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I have had that issue at times, it states it copies but doesn't paste. I got around it by going to the menu bar instead of using the hot keys and doing an EDIT>COPY then EDIT>PASTE
I am still using version 6.0.29
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I ran across it while looking for something else. Only problem is, once you have it you can't go back. I tried to go back to IE6 but it wouldn't even download. Says I already have a newer version. Oh well, I'll just get used to it.
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I like to wait till the bugs get worked out. I didn't think they got them worked out of 7 even. Guess that's why them came out with 8 biggrin.gif
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