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Caption this photo 092208

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And after preparing the animal to be placed on the grill, Mr Bill had enough left over to make himself a nice hat.
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Crap, if he was LOTS better lookin it'd be me!
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[quote=Mr Bill;264376]
Here is my labor day smoke with q-view; 1 question how long is too long for a stall?
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The photo is 9/22/08?? You have what appears to be snow all around you. Did you take ther pic at another date or another place?
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someone stole my smoker, so i have to (shudder) GRILL!
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How do YOU like your mother -in-law?
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[quote=Mr Bill;264376]

Hunny, Get out the Thong dinners almost ready
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LMAO!!! Good one Richtee!
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don't get it Rich........
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Global warming blamed for English summer hitting Florida.
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"If she thinks she is gonna post this picture on SMF......."
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"I lost a bet and have to use a grill with no pants on."
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if you live in the USA, this is how you know you have a Canadian next door


ps cuz its cold but NOT -20 he's in shorts, not bashing Canadians, if anything that hat screams Wisconsin biggrin.gif
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If yer in Wisconsin...or like I- Michigan you dang well KNOW ya got Canadians next door heh!
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[quote=Mr Bill;264376]

Does this hat make my butt look big??
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"Snowbunnies almost done, honey... they taste just like chicken! Keep shootin', I wanna get a new coat, too!"
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hmmmmmmmmm I think I may have just been insulted :-)
cold smoke , EH
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good one, cman!!! made me laugh out loud!
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Jim couldn't find the tiny tire chains and got stuck just short of the back porch.
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"Honey? Have you seen that squirrel I was about to smoke?"


"Hawaii looks nothing like the brochure."
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