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When to chip.

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Should have asked this a long time ago. I find myself changing chips about every hour. When they are all charred and producing little smoke. Does this sound right or should I be letting them turn to ash then change them. I am getting about 45-50 minutes of good heavy smoke. Everything I have made has a great smoky flavor and smell. Propane GOSM.
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when you are less than 30 yrds from the hole. lol sorry, i'm a golfer.

I do it as little as posible, if it smells smokey then it is smokey, even if you don't see much at all.

I try to go 1.5 hours or longer, but my smoker is not real efficient.

You will get more help from others.
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If you like your results, keep doing what you are doing. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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or try using chunks, they last longer
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"If you can smell smoke... yer smoking" - Unknown

The biggest mistake made in smoking meats <on a smoker other than a stickburner> is using too much wood" - Me.
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eek.gif lololol
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Dude..are you gonna clarify that, or am I gonna have to go encyclopedia on yer hiney? ;{)
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in MY werld, there IS no such thing as too much smoke FLAVOR
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Ahhhh point taken. I was afraid we'd see white billows from they guy's rig soon !
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LOLOLOL.........yeah, drag up that youtube vid, with the dudes smoker BILLOWING, and then saying his brisket was a slice of heaven.........UGH!
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