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So here they are fresh off the smoker for 2 hours, max temp 109 f. average temp 94 f.

not too bad for franken-smokers first try.

Now for a nice slow poach in 160 degree water until they reach 150 internal.

then we have a weinie roast

Wutang: brother I am going to try, I don't have the neon blue relish, I am going to chop some bread 'n' butter pickles and give them a drop of blue food coloring. everything else is covered, I even have Vienna Buns!

Thanks to all for their feed back and points!

I will let you all know how they taste.
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Somehow... I wanna CONEY! Sorry Chicago boy, but coneys rule!
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Rtee, That is my main hot dog condiment regime (yellow and onions), mainly because it is good, and there are dam* few places to get the real Chi town deal, actually none that I found in the DC Metro area.

But I want to honor the hot dog that caused me pain and robbed my wallet of over $20 dollars for 11 dawgs. I will not post the actual bill for pure embarrasment.

plus I want to try and make blue relish!lol.
thanks again My long lost brother!PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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Neon blue relish? There is no such thing as blue food except in ZZ Top videos.
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from what i have read up on emullisified (sp) sausages, they are the hardest to do........congrats dude............looking good............
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I'm very intrigued by this process... keep us up to date as to how they taste
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Looks great, points! I made some jumbo sized dogs last labor day, but my emulsification was not as smooth looking as yours.
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Great looking dogs! The safety issues aside, I've always felt that cure affects, alters, enhances, anyway does something to taste also. Again great work. If you are feeling real generous, post the full recipePDT_Armataz_01_18.gif.
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I'll vote for that one as quote of the week - geeze, somehow I can even picture . . . . . NO, PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
Funny funny funny. I may never look at my KitchenAid the same way again!
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What size sheep casing did you use?
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I'm not sure. They are just about hot dog size in diameter. maybe 3/4"

Looking at the dogs in the cooler now I see they have some air bubbles in them from the stuffer. You realy need a continuous press for this smooth goo.
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i love the finished pics of the dogs. i've always liked hot dogs. so, how did they taste?
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Can't wait to hear the final verdict.

And at the risk of sounding naive, what hte heck is blue relish? Something specific for a chicago dog (by the way, never had one)...confused.gif
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No one knows what blue relish is, but in Chicago if you order the regular.

You will get:

mustard, onion, little sport peppers, dill pickle spear, tomatoe wedge, celery salt and the infamous blue sweet relish. It is realy kind of a sprucy blue green.

You can order it from
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been researching and reading the post on pickled sausage.........maybe you try using some on these doing that?
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Any chance of a picture of one of the dogs cut so we can see the interior ?

And congratulations on reproducing a thoroughly industrial process in your home kitchen.
But I don't think I'd want to eat one lol
50% fat - what were you thinking ? ;-)
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I know you are fat concious, and gawd know we here in america can use a few less calories, but I am an epicurian total and true.

I have devoted my life, from childhood time watching cooking shows through culinary school and beyond to my career, to all things food. I want to taste everytrhing the way it was invented. cultural histories without writen documentation can still live on in there culinary tradition. Not to mention the culinary exploits on a scientific and chemical level. I walk with my hand held tight around this belief on a deeper walk with the enjoyment of good food. Fat is one of these food elements that we enjoy. If it comes down to eating a reduced fat hot dog or no hot dog, I will sadly choose no hotdog.

I would rather die with total commitment to something I love than chase something with both of my feet tied to a rock and pretend that it is close to what I want.
Man I need a big ol' hunk of Lardo now. (Lardo is cured pork fat that is eaten cold and sliced)
I still love ya Curious Aardvark, But I wanted to let you know where I come from in reguards to my gastronomic descisions.

I am cooking the dawgs tonight for dinner, and I will post a picture of their interior. I snuck into a cold one today. The seasoning is right on the mark, but the texture is a bit spongy.

I will investigate more and post more pics.
cheers and love to all.
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can't wait..........is this a close approx. to the vienna dog recipe?
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Here is the final pick of this que adventure.

They tasted real good, but they were soft and a tad dry.
The emulsion was correct, I feel it came apart at the stuffing step.

With the auger style stuffer; at the end of a plunger stroke, a big burp of air would pop in the casing, so when i would evacuate the air and pull the sausage back up to fill some more and it would just do it again.

so I am sure between that and the temp rise by the end of the stufing fun that is what made them soft.

I also smoked them a bit too high. I will try and smoke them under 70 f. next time, and I will do it in the winter to help fasilitate it. but with the loose texture the fat partially rendered out adding to the dryness.

So i think if I had a continuous meat press stuffer, I would have some world class hot dogs.

I think I am in the market for a stuffer now.
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i see a 20 lb lectric LEM in your future...............
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