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New from Minnesota

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My name is Bob. I am from MN. I am just learning.
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Welcome to SMF Bob! Say, what ya smokin' on..if anything yet? Enjoy and learn, both are EASY here!
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Morning Bob. Welcome to smf. You'll learn plenty on this site. Great people here to help ya out.
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Welcome! You'll learn a lot here and everyone here is here to help you too! Post lots of pics (Qview) of your smokes so we can all enjoy! Don't hesitate to ask questions, someone will come along with the right answer!
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Welcome to SMF Bob. You found the right place to learn, lots of fine folk here just awaiting to help you out. ask all the questions you have someone will have the answer. be sure to take Jeff's 5 day course it's free and it will answer some of your questions.
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Welcome to the forum Bob!
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Well howdy there.
It's a beautiful purple day here!
SKOL and welcome.
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Hi Bob,
welcome to SMF,lots of info here,and people always willing to pass on there knowledge,look forward to your first Qview
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Welcome aboard Bob!!
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welcome, no need to be shy, let us know more about ya! you are with your smokey family now.lol
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Hi Bob, glad you're with the SMF. Tell us a little about your smokes and smokers. It's all good.
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Hey Bob whats cooking? Welcome.
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Wow! Thanks for the welcome. I have a propane smoker. I have not used it too much, but I hope that changes. I am so glad I found this site. I will be reading a lot.
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Welcome to SMF from a neighbor to your west !!!
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Greetings Bob~
Fire it up, what ya smoking first? ca't wait to see your first q-vue...
happy smokes!
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Lots of great BBQ in MN. Get to learning and then share with everybody!!!
Smoke On!!!!!
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have yall! Our hollar is just ta the south of ya in Iowa. Lots a fine folks round here ta hep ya with this fine craft.
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Welcome to the SMF family.
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Hey, welcome to the forum, I see we live close to each other.
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Welcome Bob - We were all a newbie at one time and we all learned from each other . This is a great forum and great people to learn from, Welcome.
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