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Spares w a WILD Hair

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Doin some spares.
Wifey was ill and we skipped going to the gate/game.
(gotta take care of the kids you know)

Got some spares goin 3-2-1

Doin em on the Weber Kettle.
Started em in a HUGE Lodge Cast Iron Pan.
After 3, brought em in, put in some cider and FOILED THE CAST IRON, back on the smoke.

What the Heck? Let's see what happens.
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Sorry about the wife being ill...Hope she'll fell like eating some ribs
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Bummer about you wife, I hope she feels better soon...
VMAN!! your teasing us all...give it up!! give us what we want, what we long for...give US Q-VUE!!! LOL!!
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It's some weird girl stuff. Don't ask.

I've taken some pics but putting em up here is ... well....
I'm rather set in my ways. I tried for about a half hour one time and said f it.

My youngest said "Daddy, WHY are you taking pictures of just food? Like, there's NO people in it, HELLO"?

Made me laugh.
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I hate to do it, butt someone has to say it and it might as well be moi'...

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Well, I guess you busted me on my Tofu Quiche!
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well I guess that would taste ok if ya smoked the tofu first!
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C'mon vman you can do it!!!!! Photobucket makes it easy as pie. :)
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