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Michigan Trifecta

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Any Comp cooks from the GLBBQA have any rundown on the finish for this new award? Hopefully with any luck, next year, I will be competing in all three events, maybe more if they do go to 5-6 as rumored.
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Did someone mention "trifecta"?

Polish trifectas are pretty cool! ;)
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Lolol V.......
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Well, my ears perked up.
What's a Dude to say? :) LOL
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I think of you every time I hear that word. LOL
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Erain either isn't here or he's still on the floor having convulsions from laughing and he can't reach the keyboard! :)
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LOL...he must be gone. biggrin.gif
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sheesh,i seen trifecta and i had to see if super v was involved in this, but i see he beat me to the punch and jeanie too!!!!! yes V laffin my Aoff!!!! everyone else ... inside joke LOL
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I KNEW you'd pipe in :)
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Gee wiz, I thought it was a legit question!confused.gif

Oh well, glad someone is havin some fun with it!biggrin.gif
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I just looked over at and did not see any results on this.
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Thanks glen, I guess i need to get off a buck and become a member soon.
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Nice hi-jacking......

I'll get em to ya!
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Here you go!! biggrin.gif

1)Rubbed smoked and sauced 472.00
2)Bavarian Smoke 470.29
3)Smokin Scottsmen 470.27
4)Down Home BBQ 469.72
5)Extreme Roasters 467.42
6)All Day Smoke 450.28
7)Great Lakes BBQ/Feed 446.28
8)Hog Wild 425.02
1)Bavarian Smoke 480.56
2)All Day Smoke 474.22
3)Extreme Roasters 470.85
4)Down Home BBQ 466.85
5)Great Lakes BBQ/Feed 465.14
6)Smokin Scottsmen 448.58
7)Rubbed Smoked Sauced 448.00
8)Hog Wild 409.14
1)All Day Smoke 480
2)Rubbed Smoked Sauced 467.43
3)Smokin scottsmen 466.86
4)Great Lakes BBQ/Feed 460
5)Down Home BBQ 450.86
6)Extreme Roasters 444.57
7)Bavarian Smoke 444
8)Hog Wild 414.28
1)Smokin Scottsmen 474.86
2)All Day Smoke 474.29
3)Extreme Roasters 471.42
4)Down Home BBQ 455
5)Great Lakes BBQ/Feed 449.72
6)Bavarian Smoke 438.29
7)Rubbed Smoked Sauced 437.72
8)Hog Wild 428.58
1)All Day Smoke 1878.75
2)Smokin Scottsmen 1860.56
3)Extreme Roasters 1854.28
4)Down Home BBQ 1843.42
5)Bavarian Smoke 1833.14
6)Rubbed Smoked Sauced 1825.15
7)Great Lakes BBQ/Feed 1821.14
8)Hog Wild 1677.13 Congrats to all,
next year there are rummored to be 6-7 contests Wooo Hoo go Michigan
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Thanks for the answer Bubba! Looks like I need to refer to you as "mister chicken King".wink.gif
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