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Turkey legs, chicken and more-qview

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Smoking some turkey legs. Brined them overnight in a brine of 1 cup kosher salt, about 1/4 cup sugar, about 3 tbsp garlic powder, about 1 tbsp sage, cbp, and some onion powder. Dissolved the seasonings in about 4 cups water then added cold water til I had one gallon brine.

Here are the legs out of the brine, wrinsed and dried.

Next I stirred some garlic powder and cbp into some butter then coated the legs

Also doing some stuffed chicken breast. My wife chopped some spinach, red onion, mushrooms and pureed the crap out of it along with some parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs and seasonings. Put it in the cut open chix along with some cheddar cheese. Breasts are seasoned with cbp and kosher salt.

Then closed them up and wrapped in bacon

Also got some abts on. More pics to come!!
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Looks like a good combo for a great bird smoke!
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Looks like you've got the start to a good meat wutang.
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Wutang..Nice looking gamms you got there, the stuffed breasts are going to rock too I am sure!
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Great looking smoke, Wutang. I'm loving the stuffed chicken breasts ya got going. Plus, your legs look great! wink.gif
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mmmm looks delectable .... Im not much for legs but the wife is and the stuffed chik wrapped in bacon looks fabulous...looks like im going to have to copy cat and go with some of that my next smoke getting a little tired lately -- been doing alot of 12-14 hour smokes...3 hour smoke will feel like a half hour on the gasser lol
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Good looking stuff. Lets see those abt's!
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Some more pics

For AudioXtremes-the abts.

For the side dish we took a few cans of "Great Northern Beans" Added some smoked/roasted garlic that I put in the smoker while the abts were cooking, some chopped spinach, diced roma tomatoes and some cbp.

And a pic of the smoker full!

Thanks for checking the qview.
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Flipped the turkey legs over and basted with some melted buter mixed with garlic powder & cbp. (I had some extra after I rubbed them down)

Starting to look pretty good.
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Here is a few more pics as food is getting finished.

Chicken is done. I will take a sliced open pic later (when company arrived and we are ready to eat)

And the beans are done.

And now the legs are done. When the legs were about finished smoking I popped the small cooking grates into the sfb and moved the legs over some direct heat for just a few seconds on each side to crispy up the skin a little. After removing the legs I brushed them with just a little more of that garlic butter and then covered with foil to wait until it is time to eat.

Thanks for checking the qview!
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A final pic of everything plated up. Turkey legs and chicken were really good. The beans were not as good as I hoped-just missing something in the seasoning.

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I did a pork butt a couple weekends ago-got up at 3:30am. It was good to do a short smoke and still have some good food
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That looks like a mighty fine dinner!!!

great job
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Nice looking spread!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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