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You can never be to rich or have to big a unit....lol!
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They don't work like the commercials make you believe, trust me. icon_sad.gif lol

Well sorry no Q-view for the final product. Things got kinda frantic at the end and pics weren't on my mind. I foiled them with a healthy dose of spritz, and then after an hour and a half as Capt. Dan's suggestion I checked them. Most of the bones were showing about 1/4" to 3/8" they seemed quite tender so I went ahead and unwrapped them. I think this is where I screwed up, in hindsight I don't think they were as tender as they should have been.

Anyway I mopped on the sauce and gave them 45 minutes. Mopped on some more and after 1 hour total they were looking really good, so I cut into one and the wife thought they still looked pretty pink.

I'm color blind and always go by a therm. so I put a probe in and shut the lid. They were only about 150. Of course I had already timed the charcoal about right to where it was just about out, and now I had to add some and get the temps up. I don't know why, I realize there no rush, but panic was setting in and I was scrambling trying to get some charcoal lit.

Everything ended up ok, I got the temps up and pulled them off at 170, (didn't take too much longer). Of course the wife already had the table set and was waiting so as soon as the platter hit the table her and the kids were digging in. They tasted great but weren't as tender as I hoped. We didn't have to knaw them off the bones but they didn't exactly fall of either. Oh well, one more thing to improve upon for next time.

Thanks everyone on SMF for all the info on here.
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Kinda puts the pressure on when the tables set and everyone is givin ya the "stink eye"!

Don't give up, spares can be a bit harder to learn than baby backs( thats what I hear anywaysicon_smile.gif ).
Next round, take the rack and see if the meat between two bones will tear easily, when gently pulled away from each other. thats when they are done. Pull em off then and tent the pan of ribs with foil to hold the heat for 15-20 minutes, and just leave em sit, while you get everything else ready to eat. They will continue to cook and become more tender while they rest, and cool a bit to make it easier to cut! I always let them set long enough to cool, so that I can hold onto them with a vinyl glove and not burn myself!cool.gif
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One thing to consider is when you are smoking, sometimes the pink color is the smoke ring-It is very distinct on a slice of brisket or chunk of pulled pork. But ribs are so thin that sometimes the smoke ring will go to the bone.
I smoked some turkey legs yesterday-bit into one "caveman style" and the meat near the bone was brown and the meat near the exterior was pink. I cooked them to 180F so they were definately fully cooked.
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