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15# packer whos in for the 24hours?? - Page 2

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Kelly, did you nod out? Almost daylight...
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hea kel, hows brisky comin, early pics look great!!!! hope things workin out which i have a hunch they will. waptin on finallly...
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looking good goddess.
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It's about half done as I understand it. Good Morning BTW :{) How's yer butts? Oh and brisket too?
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BBQG ..........

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le plateau'

Good Morning...
her she is as the sun was coming up this am.....

we are still at 183.......ARGH! I have moved past the red bull its now cuban coffee time....Pops, where can I get that pipeline? Texas beer rocks! Have a St. Arnold ellissa ipa for me! LOVE IT!
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LOL lookin good BBQG!I will share a secret....redbull intraveinously will help you over "your" plateauThe fatties looked good too!Hang in there!
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Gettin in late on this one. Good lookin brisket Kel but what about your butts? They must have been done long ago right? Hang in there girl we're anxiously awaiting some Qview from the goddess. I assume the Fattie s are long gone? Did C-boy do them on the ECB? Inquiring minds want to know....

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Loooooks Great, glad you made it through the smoke, well almost biggrin.gif as it looks like you'll pull it. I'm sure it will be a heck of a feast today. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good so far!!
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Looks great. Good Job
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What else can I say that hasn't been ? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks Good BBQG.
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These aren't welder gloves but I like them.


They are long and pretty thick.

Brisket looks great by the way.

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You could prolly find some welding gloves at a local hardware store like Ace or true value. Lowes should have them if you are close to one.
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Good looking smoke ya got going on, Chef Kel! To echo others, that was a big hunk o' meat ya got (at a nice price too!). Hope you're still awake after the all-nighter. Was this your first?

Hope to see some qvue of the finished monster. Points to CB for his fatty skills!
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sofa king

thru the cuban coffee, red bull onto Gordon Biersch blonde bock.....
My butts are resting, thanks for asking!
here are the fatties.. i had a plated sliced pix that was when the camera said change battieres..so that pix is in digital camera heaven....sorry!
ha ha they are pushing the 18 to the garage!! LOL!! hahahahahah, did you see JR save that car?? GO JUNE BUG! nice piece of driving there I will tell ya! ok sorry I digress...
back to the fatties...

Laurel, thank you I will let cabana boy know he has points now! Laurel, can you belive it, in two weekends we will be at TALLADEGA!! Whoo who..
No Laurel I have quite a few all nighters under my belt now...I love them until Monday, usually that is when it hits me..the QUE-LAG...
opps sorry, back to the briskey, I started pulling before I took the pix after she rested...sorry! here she is...just a little pulled

and all pulled, lots o' beef here....

Thank you all for hanging tight!
Have a great week happy smokes!
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Nice job keeping it going all night, looks delicious too. Points to you and cabana boy.
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Ya did good Kelly. Alot of good eatin there!
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good job Kelly-it all looks just great-bet your gonna sleep sound tonite.and ya shiner rocks!
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