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15# packer whos in for the 24hours??

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Hi all,
Here we go...she is a beautiful beast, but I am paying $1.89 lb..I thought that was a deal, till I read $1.55 per lb... icon_evil.gif
In any event..we seared her, searing is a big family even now in our house...yes I know E mental note must get welder gloves....where tho??
We are just starting out....so its gonna be a long day/night/tomorrow!
here she is naked....Steve note the "pink tools" wink.gif

here she is on fire...

here she is all dressed up and ready to party....

and now at the dance with two small butts...only ones I could find..whats up with that?? and they had trimmed the fat cap to nothing...cool.gif who are the fat police....??
About the butts...the one on the left is Jeffs rub the one on the right..the really red one is red raspberry jello, pepper, smittys...and salt...
more later thanks for checking the q-vue!!
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Looks like a great start...I've been plateaued at 150 on my brisket for over 3 hours now...with that beast, you have a job for sure biggrin.gif but it's worth it as you also know.
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Looks like a great start!
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3 hour stall.........argh!!! hang in there man!! time for another beer run eh?
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That's a big ole brisket! Might be at that one a while...but it's all good :{) Ahhh you doing a "hot butt"? The Smitty's works well for that...but don't forget to put a bit in the mop too :{)
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That is a huge brisket, hope you got some red bull. Good looking smoke goin on there.
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oh yes, smittys in the mop....I just am not sure what mop I am using yet...it has not come to me..soon...soon..and I am sure smittys is a part of it! I love that stuff!! tell bro in law to make another batch!!!
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Red bull!!
now that would have been a great idea..perhaps a red bull, single malt run? ..LOL
we just added two fatties to the mix..c.b. wanted a chili cheese fattie and I made a chorizo/egg breakie fattie....
here is the photo shoot!

cabana boy rolling out his sausage

my filling chorizo and eggs...

cabana boys filling chill cheese..

the wrapping bacon part...cabana boy needs to work on that part..

ok i promised i would play rock band 2..be back thx for checking out the q vue...
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Great idea on the fatty, looks very good. I'm a big believer, as long as it tastes good, that's all that matters. If it looks good, those are bonus points. I'd say the Cabana boy is doing pretty well if in any event. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great, chilli cheez, thats a great idea
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BBQGODDESS...WAKEUP!!!!! Check the fire, check the temp....get another barley pop. How is the packer doing??
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thats a honkin hunk o beef ya got there...cant wait to see the finale..
(hopefully be done before i die) biggrin.gif
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Looks great so far. IT will be a long cook but worth every minute I am sure.
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I am up, we have decided that I am terrible at rock band two, but that is ok..my charcoal sucks worse than me..i am fighting temps all night and had to get more coal cuz i don't think my 10# bag is going to last into the wee hours of the night....damn I forgot the red bull..
he briskey was at 150 for a spell she is now at 180-183..for about an hour now...lets see if before it was a pump fake and this is a perhps the real stall....
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Hang in there Kelly, and good thinking about getting more coal. The Red Bull won't forget you...
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Sounds like you are having quite the time there. It could have been worse tho. It could have started raining while you were on the way back from getting more charcoal. I finished my brisket in the oven for that reason today.
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oh no! smoke! not the (gasp) Oven! ahhhhhhh!
no rain here, actually I did run in and put on some long sleeves for the rest of the evening..i will be feeding the beast for the rest of the night about every hour and a half...she is not behaving well tonight for some reason...i have some gordon birsh in the outside fridge..out of shiner!!
Richoso, where are you!!?? this is when a smoke buddy comes in handy...lol!!
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that makes two of us!
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Next time let me me know we're gonna have a tag team... I'll bring Jose Cuervo to chase the Red Bull.
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OHH NOO! Out of Shiner Bock? Need to get a pipeline from Shiner, Tx. to your backyard!
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