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happy birthday goat!
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Happy b-day goat. Have a good one.
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Happy Birthday and have a great smoke today......
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Happy Birthday Daryle, I must admit, you are gettin to be an old codger, the trouble is, I'm older than you. wink.gificon_rolleyes.gifeek.gif
Take the day off, grab a cold beer and have a sit down, (or sit in the water trough if your forehead is leakin. wink.gif
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Happy, Happy Birthday Goat!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Smokes!!
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lmao at that water trough terry!!!

Happy BDay Dayrle!!!!!!!! hope ya dont need the trough but tha cold beer sounds like an idea. have a good one!!!
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Thanks pigcicles, but there is a reason I can't feel like a kid again. With what I know now, the world could not stand it. Ha Ha
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happy birthday daryle, and also to your other brother daryle........biggrin.gif may all your smokes be thin and blue
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happy b-day goat.
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Happy B day Goat.
Got your walk in cooler finished?
Have a good one.
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Happy Birthday Goat, have a brew or two and enjoy the day.
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Working on it today. Might get finished this weekend. Thanks for the b-day wishes all.
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Thanks Ken. I survived and am now working on the next one.
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Happy BDay Goat.
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Happy Birthday, besure ta enjoy that special day!
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