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First real Smoke Imminent :-)

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finally finished at 3am this morning,
Mind you starting in the kitchen at 22:00 doesn't help lol.

anyway got a batch of my world famous thai style shrimp cakes made for the grill.
also made up 4 mini fatties (pics will follow i'm currently in bed lol) 1/2 # sausage meat per fatty. ended up making 4# of sausage meat - 2# in freezer (would have been sausage for smoking - but bloody skins still not here, not happy with suppliers):- lean pork shoulder, trimmed smoked cooking bacon, seasonings, oats and quite a bit of mature stilton. no not as low fat as my usual - but hey it tastes great :-)
Cooking the fatties naked - sans bacon, so will see what happens.

fattie stuffing is a chopped mix of: boiled new potatoes`, green peppers and oinion from the garden, grated low fat cheddar and some more stilton. seasoned with my world famous, champion rib rub and a little honey and ketchup - hell it was good to eat straight from the bowl ;-)
I've got 4 mini fatties and a 3lb boneless leg pork joint to smoke - that got rubbed last night. Going to go for a lowish heat andd see what the first couple of hours bring.

Pics will be posted through the day. Most of everything else for the grill already done so should have time :-)
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Right then first lot of pictures.

I used my World champion, guarenteed to raise the dead and make all your neighbours build a shrine to you and call you bbq god (special offer: recipe only $15 if you email me right now - ssshhh, nobody else knows this special price) rib rub on the pork and as seasoning in the fatty innards. This recipe that I developed in ten minutes last night has been used by 20 generations of Aardvarks and handed down father to cub. The pentagons ultra aquamarine classified documements are not guarded as jealously as the recipe for this spice mix.
So no I can't tell you what's in it - well not for less than $30 anyway ;-)
I can tell you that my little hinari genie can mix/grind/chop coarse spices down to a really fine powder in a few seconds. Amazing little gadget.
More as things progress.

The therms seem to work really well.
I put the fatties above the pork as I figure any juices that come out of them ought to do the pork good. I'll let you know whether or not this pans out lol.
Just got water in the drip tray today.
I'm going to run the smoker up to 200 and hold it and see what happens at that. With it only being a small joint I don't want to cook it too fast.

I'm figuring to take both to 160 - though not sure what temp fatties normally go to. Must have it somewhere. I'll poke them at 160 and see how firm they feel - you know, the scientific method lol
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Jolly Good Show Chap!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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lol - that should be 'jolly good show old chap'.
I've put the temps to smoke to up to 170. The fatties seem to be getting up to temp quite fast so I turned the smoker down a wee bit. Don't want to rush anything :-)
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Bob's Your Uncle!
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What is stilton?
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I'd think a type of blue <bleu> cheese. I'd THINK!
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It is the king of blue cheese, It is rich and buttery and has a great musty finish. If you like blue cheese at all you should try and get some. but no matter what, it will not be as good as curious AA, his country keeps the best ones and send out the "b" grades.

Seriously, Great Job Curious AA, and Ilike the flavors you have put together.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

How about, ground beef and veal with fig preserve and the stilton. oooooh

Just stirrin the pot.
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Heh partial to the Danish myself ;{) Especially the marinated in olive oil, black pepper and juniper berries..Hmm can't recall the brand- octogon jar......60% fat cheese tho!
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Stilton is known as the king of cheese (and it's english not french lol). And yeah it's BLUE - as in english lol
It's a very rich and creamy cheese with a strong flavour. As I've never managed to find any cheese in the states with a strong flavour - can't think of anything you can compare it to - although last year danish jarlsberg was everywhere in wyoming. Good cheese..
But stilton gives the best flavour to sausages you can think of. Also burgers and grills.
Stilton and port sausages are pretty good as well.

Anyway I've got 2 degrees till the fatties come out (got one ear peeled for the beep) - had a quick peek and a poke and they're looking really good. Plenty juicy. Had about 2 hours now. It's all looking very mopist and shiny in there - I'm taking that as a good sign :-)
The porks at 152 and the ovens running at just below 200. I've knocked it back a few times as I want to have a decent cooking/smoking time.
Decided on 165 finish for both in the end.

Going to wrap the fatties in foil and leave in the cooler for an hour or so as well. It's only 15:09 over here so plenty of time before bbq :-)

Apart from the odd gitch whenever I start the bisquette feeder (I have to take it apart and poke it till it starts - okay more than a little glitch it's bloody annoying - my mate the electrician reckons it'sa dodgy micro switch, apparently one's about to fall off a coors canning line ;-) the bradley's a real doddle to run.

I love the look with therms stuck all over it too.
A real hi-tech way to do primitive cooking :-)
More pics in a bit once the fatty therm starts beeping :-)

Weather's just getting better and better - I'm off for shorts after the fatties are done (that's clothing not booze :-).
So what's everyone else cooking ?
Pretty early over there but them long smokes should have started by now :-)
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Fatties out - look great.
Included this pic of the fine mesh inserts for the smokers baskets. Helps a lot if you're smoking nuts and also to stop things like fatties sticking to the wider grid on the original basket. Apparently they used to be some sort of filtering mesh on a coors production line (but don't tell anyone lol) And yeah that's ducktape along the edges. They were pretty sharp from where they'd been cut ;-)
It's to good to have a mate who's an industrial electrician ;-)

Time for a beer while watch the last few degrees come up on the pork :-)
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right meat out. smoker cleaned up and put away.
Now starting the prep for the night's grill :-)

I'll post pics when I slice the fatties and pork. Probably leave the pork for tomorrow though.
Definitely try the fatties tonight.
If the juice in the drip pan is anything to go by it should taste fantastic :-)
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Oh Yes KING of the blue....your killing me with the fig preserve and stilton...OMG I just drooled all over my keyboard!

Great Job Mate!! Keep the smokes coming from across the pond!
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Do you wrap you FATTIES in clear wrap when you smoke them or have them naked ???
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Man those look good mate. Got a butt on and some wings on this side of the pond
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Take any plastic wrap off when smoking the fatties. The plastic wrapped just helps in the rolling process.
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well That all went well.
I sliced up one of the fatties and handed it round while the garlic bread was finishing off. Boy that disappeared quick :-)

Thumbs well up all round. The guy holding the sausages in another post (you know the albanian drug smuggler) took one home with him and is now determined to get a smoker lol.

Pork's out of the cooler and in the fridge, still wrapped up. It better be good, it's tomorrows dinner lol
The remaining 1 1/2 fatty's are looking like tomorrows lunch ;-)
Pic of sliced fatty below.

So for the record, 8oz fatties work great, cook fast, don't need bacon (lol) and had the clingfilm removed before placing in the smoker :-)

Thanks to all on the forum. Learnt a lot and it all seems to be good :-)
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oh yeah - and I've got another 2 lbs of that sausage meat in the freezer ;-)
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Last q-view for this smoke and a few observations.

Sliced the pork. Well cooked and probably the most moist pork I've ever had.
Unfortunately the juices from the fatties and the fact that I'd sort of created a steam oven in the bradley washed all the coating off. Because I was only cooking for afew hours I had the damper at the top closed to maximise smoke - this also kept the steam in. Next time I'll cook at a lower temp and leave the damper open for a little dryer cooking.
I think next time i'll also put the meat above the fatties and try rub, mustard and then some more rub.
It's all learning.
I'm going to try the rub on some stuff for the grill next.

Important thing is that both fatties and pork cooked great and taste great. So a success.

My mum is now running up a list of other stuffings 'we' can use in the fatties lol.
It wouldn't matter whether or not I liked the fatties (of course I do lol) there's no way I'll ever be able to get the smoker out without throwing a couple in now lol

Pic of serious moist pork below, looks like most of the juices were reabsorbed into the pork overnight - good stuff. Thanks again for all the advice and help people.
I do my best to reciprocate, it's great to find somewhere full of people as food obsessed as myself :-)

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Looks great Aardvark!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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