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Im a pastrami copycat

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Ok, Ill admit it, im a copycat. Ronp made pastrami and i thought it sounded good, so ima give it a try myself I cut a 3.25lb point in half so i could get more seasoning on it. not sure if this is gonna have a bad effect on the meat or not. I slathered it with Kens Steakhouse vidalia dressing and rubbed it with a rub i made. All measurments are aproximate. 3T coriander seeds, 1 HEALTHY pinch of caraway seeds, about 3T cbp, about 3T white pepper about 3T granulated garlic 2 pinches salt wrapped it real tight in saran wrap to sit overnight and it goes on the iron in the am. sorry if the pics arent good, i used my phone cuz i didnt have my camera unpacked from my lil trip last w/e. Oh yeah, this is also my first brisket, ive never smoked one cuz i have heard so many bad stories, but i think i'll do alright with the info i hav gathered from here. Thanks for the Inspiration Ronp!

Here is the start

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They are looking good so far, can't wait to see how they come out for ya.
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you never smoked a briskey before and you are going strat for strami? awesome, I can't wait to see your progress! strami is on my bucket list! Ron will be here to help I am sure, his strami looks incredible....heres to yours being just as scrumptious!
Happy smokes bbqg
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Sounds to me your just going to smoke a brisket with "pastrami like" seasonings on it. For a true pastrami, you need to start off with corned beef, either store bought, or homemade. For a homemade corned beef, a brisket would have to be brined anywhere between 7 to 21 days. Looks like you just cut one up last night and seasoned it.

Below is just one of more than 10,000 + receipes for corned beef/ pastrami. I have used it (smoking one today after close to a 18 day sit in brine) before and it's good.

Hope your smoke goes well today though.
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It is a corned beef brisket, from Wally World.

If this one turns our well, i may try to brine one my self. thanks for the info and the well wishes. ill have some qview up later today. Im just fixin to start the fire.
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Strami is on with other stuff

Got a later start than expected. Had some chores to do, but finally, i got started

WalMart corned beef brisket with spices cut in half and crossed fingers

Corned beef brisket slathered w. heinz 57, lots of pepper, and some other stuff

Frozen meatloaf with mater paste and lots of brown sugar

A full smoker looks better, so, im doing some chicken for Wifeys lunch. marinated in vidalia dressing with jalapenos to fill the empty space.

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Looks real good there smokin!! Tryin pastrami myself.... Love the stuff! LOL!! Rest looks great TOO!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great smoke!
Waiting for the big finale!! YUMMY!!!
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Finished strami

here is the smaller of the two, cooked to medium rare. I dont like it this rare, but it will be just right after it is reheated for sammies, so i recon its a win

the big one is still in, going to 180* on it cuz the person that has staked claim on it wont eat it if it is the least bit pink
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You are more than welcome, glad to have inspired you.

Nice job, about the pink thing pastrami will be some what pink. So be careful with the temps or you''ll dry it out.

Here is my last one pulled at 165', good luck
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I took some strami to the neighbor who always drools when i smoke and he raved about it. Mom stopped by on her way home from work and had a sammie with me and she said she hasnt had strami that good in years. My personal thoughts were, "WTF? 24 years old and i have never had pastrami till i got bored and the DIY gene kicked in. I wish i had tried some before i made my own so i had an idea of what it should taste like. I will def. do this again. I didnt get pics of the second one cuz Mom stole it. Thanks for the tips Ronp and thanks everyone for pats on the back and encouragement!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Bri!
Your mum stole the other strami! How do ya get to be 24 and never had a strami sammie...I'll tell ya what, there is a local pizza place, well its closer to richoso than myself, but they make a pastrami pizza....HOLY crap pizza I have ever had..that is actually what gave me the idea for the pastrami fattie...omg! YUMMY...
You rock keep the q-vues coming!
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You are most welcome. Glad it worked out for you. If you wan't to feel even better go to a store and try and buy some, same quality, you'd be surprised. I spotted cooked corned beef here for $10.50 a pound. Didn't even have pastrami.

What's next?
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Brian - same here, I never had pastrami (I'm 41) until I made my own, inspired by several posts here. I also don't have anything to compare it to... but taking some to my father-in-law tonight for his review...

I'm enjoying some now on crackers... I think it's pretty darn good!

Thinking about doing another soon, will take it whole to a picnic in a couple of weeks, slicing it on site...
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I've eaten store pastrami. It's okay.
I suspect if I made my own it'd be way better than just Okay :-)
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