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ABT's with latin flavor

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Did some ABTs but don't have any prep pictures - sorry. I'll take some the next time. These were good-sized - those two grates are 8" across each. SPlit 'em down the sides and scooped out the innards and stuffed.

Stuffing was Queso Fresco cheese, cilantro, cream cheese, and a bunch of cooked spicy chorizo. Full bacon wrap to seal the splits and double-picked. For some reason, they didn't get much milder after the smoke - they stayed plenty hot! Note required TBS.

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The ones I have done that stayed hot I didn't do a good job of cleaning the inside of the pepper. Now after cutting open and dumping the seeds out I pull the white ribbing out and scrape the inside wall of the pepper with a spoon and then rinse under the faucet. They come out mild. This is the only way my wife will eat them. I don't mind the heat but she likes them mild.
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Those look really good Ive bought moe jalepenos since joing this site than I have in my entire life. Will have to give em a try
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Those look and sound great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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They look really good. Going to have to try those. Still snacking on mine from tonight. My wife likes them mild also, but I have a great coring knife and some will have little or no heat to them. I like a kick in mine. Some I add horseradish to the cream cheese, man they are good. I might make another trip to the store today and try this recipe.
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Great Q my friend, the chorizo really adds another dimension to the texture and flavor.
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I have a special scraper for zest. It works great for scraping the jalapenos
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I had been thing of that for while but haven't got to do it. I have been adding tony's to the cheese it gives it more depth. I am going to try that next weekend. Thanks
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Man those are beautiful!!
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Those are sweet!!
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Nice looking abts!
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Okay, that's it.

Your pic was FOOD ****!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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