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Project DoubleDrum

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Hey Everybody!
Finally scored my drums and kits for a double drum smoker.Its still in the early planning stages and I have a lot of thinking and drawing to do before I actually start.What I hope to accomplish is a functional woodburner with build details to share with everybody in an easy way to understand.
Still trying to work a few details out but hopefully when I am done I will be able to provide a detailed budget,decent step by step pictures,and the tools used so anyone who wants to build their own project will feel confident to try.
Truth be known the fabs and mods are my favorite part of the hobby and I feel that its time for me to start returning what all of you have generously given me.
It won't be done very quickly but as I progress I will dust this thread off and update quickly.
I will graciously accept all .02 cents worth and general opinions...even the ones I dont agree with.
Just a few quick details...I paid 60 bux for 4 drums...good score because I also have a UDS project and a coal drum(Thanx Soflaquer),60 bux for the vogelzang stove kit.Thats it for now...Thanx for lookin!

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Great score M! Can't wait to see what you come up with.cool.gif
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I'll be looking forward to following your progress good luck
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awesome project! keep the pics coming as alot of us are converting drums right now...
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I'l be watching this one as well, thanks for the upcoming education... be sure and ask if you have any questions... I've sure that with everyone around here to voice their opinions, we can come up with somethings that work... talk to you soon
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Now that's a project worth a whole weekend of Q! Looking forward to your progress reports.
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well i couln't leave well enuff alone got the door in
I limed the door up.squared it off and traced.


triple checked alignment and cut...

some tools needed...

Laid the door in.it was square...drilled the holes.

So far so good...

Did some "Q" in between...so thats it for today
Thanx for lookin,,,,more later
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It's looking really good so far M. cool.gif
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Thanx CG
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Looking forward to the rest of the build cool.gif Off to a great start PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job Motor. Keep up the good work.
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Hey L,at this rate you'll be smokin on it in a week.

Or monday you got the weekend to finnish it .
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Looks like fun MotorHedd! These things really cook great, you will be very happy with it! Question: How are you planning to make the doors? Looking forward to see what you come up with!
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Good job so far PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I see ya live in NY......I recommend you insulate the bottom drum (firebox), even if its just a welding blanket thrown over. The winters will zap alot of the heat and I think you'll be going thru several stacks of sticks.
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Good point crewdawg, but I would probably throw the welding blanket over the top barrel to keep the temps in the cooking barrel. That is where you are gonna loose alot of the heat. Just put alot of fire bricks in the bottom, you can stack'em half way up the sides.
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LOL.Thanx for all the posts...I am not good on multiple replies but thanx fer cheerin me on...Joker...that triple of yers is a masterpiece!I am scrutinizing it hard hoping for some inspiration!
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Lookin good.
My question is how are you gonna get the lining out of them drums?

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I think 2 or 3 really hot burns should get rid of the lining.wink.gif
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Thanx bbq...the old fashioned way....oxy acet torch and a repirator
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One important part of this project i forgot to touch on is PSE.Personal safety equipment....safety glasses,gloves.Real men don't need them or use them....until the first time they get a metal splinter in the eye.For those of you who aren't familiar...a metal splinter in the eye is an experience in pain unrivaled by any.Makes a toothache feel like an itch.
When you drill,cut,or grind metal these mini shrapnel fly all over the place lookin for unprotected eyes.drill bits break,saw blades come a part,and cutoff wheels shatter.Protect those baby blues,beautiful browns,or gorgeous greens...wear GLASSES!
Sheet metal is another lurking predator.very sharp and jagged.Carve ya up like a ginsu.Gloves are good!
Loose clothing is like a magnet for fast turning drills,grinders,and cutoff wheels.Common sense and safety equip is a whole lot cheaper(and less painful)than a trip to the emergency room!
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