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Hello everyone....I'm new here!

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Just a few tidbits about me. I live in Western Kentucky and enjoy some of the best hunting, fishing, camping that the U.S. has to offer, in the Land-Between- the Lakes. I fish and camp with a great bunch of guys every Tuesday night of the year. Regardless of the weather, or temperatures or time of year, we fish and camp every tuesday. We have a great time of fishing and camping and grilling meats on a webber grill and have recently started looking into smoking meats! I have smoked some deer jerky and a few types of meat, but I am still just a newby to the art of smoking meats. We target Monster Catfish, and have caught several nice ones this year. I have personally caught a 43 lb Flathead Catfish, A 47 lb Bluecat and a really nice 67 lb Flathead. All of them are caught on rod & reel and all of them are released after weighing and pictures taken. We just get together to have a good time and when we catch a fish, that just makes it more fun. So I just joined this forum, to see what I can learn about smoking meats and hopefully to make some new friends who enjoy my love of the outdoors and the great sport that it offers. Thanks!
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Hello John, and Welcome to SMF! Youn have indeed found a whole bunch o folks who enjoy exactly what you are looking to learn. Lots of old hands, and not-so old ones that are around to help you out! Enjoy your time here!
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Glad you decided to join the forum. Great bunch of folks here who are willing to share their knowledge and love of smoking. Enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF, glad you joined us
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welcome catfish... hope to see some pic of the fish you catch... those would put up a heck of a fight... kick off yor shoes and stay a while... there are stories around here of smoked catfish too... have fun and ask all the questions you want... also, take a look at jeffs 5-day free e-course... chock full of info that will have you up and running in no time... especially since it sounds like you have a basic concept down... see ya round.
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John welcome to SMF you will find lots of good info here. There are also some great recipes around here. Have fun and happy smoking
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glad you decide to join up, from the sounds of things you will be a valued member here. fire away if you have any questions.
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Hunting, fishing and camping...that's my kind of fun. cool.gif

Welcome to the forum John!
Would love to see pics of those flatheads. I smoked some not long ago using a brine, they turned out great.
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I have been down to Land between the Lakes camping many times.I try to make it for the crappie bite every year.There is no other camping spot that I know of that compares with that area. Welcome to the website and keep on fishin..
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Welcome aboard! Since nobody said it yet, you might wanna check out the free 5 day ecourse, its got some usefull info. land between the lucky dog! Looking forward to seein pics of what you catch and what you cook, we like pics here. If you have any questions, just ask

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John, welcome to the SMF. Catch & release is a good practice, and it's fun too.
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welcome john, you found the right place...i'm a big cat fisher also :) used to fish up on the James river in VA.
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Welcome JCY!You have certainly found the best place in the ether to be!Always lookin to see someones catch of the day!
Happy Smokes
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John, welcome. Wow, camping ever Tuesday is a neat deal you have going. Wives around here wouldn't understand such a thing. Post some pics. Thanks.
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