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.99 Cents A Pound Score/ Vadallia Vinergaette Rubbed And Seared Butt W/Qview

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Busy here tonight. I am doing this for a friend of mine that loved some samples I gave him. I called my butcher friend today to see how he was doing with his new MES. He said he has been to busy to light it up. Huh? Never too busy to smoke. After talking a bit I asked what the prices were on pork butts and he says $1.77 with the card or $2.29 without. He said how big? I said I need 2 about 7 pounds. He said I'll have 2 for you in the back when you get here. He was gone already but had them for me. I had no idea what the price was going to be.

Here is the label, .99 a pound. Boy, I owe him. Guess he is getting a lamb sammie for lunch tomorrow.icon_smile.gif

Here is the rub.

All rubbed in.

The drip pan, 2 cups of beef broth 1/2 vadalia onion thinly slced and the left overs from the rub.

Searing, ahh the flames. There were so many the camera wouldn't focus.


In the smoker below the canadian bacon.

I will take this to at least 160' I hope, and then put it in the pan foiled overnight, a guy has to get some sleep.icon_sad.gif

Thanks for watching, more to come,
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Taking it's time it is at 128' ' going to raise the temp in the smoker to 140' for a while.
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dang ron, you ust be bribing him with instructions, if he only knew he just had to come here...LOL
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Dang, super price! What's he charge you for henways?
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£0.6 a pound !!
wow - that's some butcher :-)
Feed the man whatever he wants lol

over here pork shoulder has now become more expensive than boned leg joints - makes no sense to me. But I'm now using leg rather than shoulder, go figure.
for the record that's at $3 a pound. And that's the cheapest pork around.
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Ron, you need to change your name to "Smokin' Mad Man". LOL. Nice job. Your neighbors must be driven crazy with the sweet smell of "Q".
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Ron your always cooking up the good stuff and inspiring me to cook more!
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Heck I gave him the site the first day. I like it this way.icon_smile.gif



I don't have any neighbors, lol

Thank you I appreciate that. And the points too, thanks.

Thanks for watching, more pics soon.

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They locked me in the chat room last night and never got to post the final pics.icon_evil.gif

Here they are:

Just before foiling.

This is right before pulling. Didn't need to do anything but tear it with a big BBQ fork. I'm sure my friend will be happy, got a little over 5 pounds from a 7 pounder. Pretty good yeild. Had about a pint of juice and just added it to the bag for reheating.

Thanks for watching.

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My friend called today to tell me it was the best pulled pork he ever had.

Made me feel good.

Thanks for watching.

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